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Limes Hotel Bar

142 Constance St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
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Embracing our perfect climate year round, Limes features a completely open air roof top champagne and cocktail bar which open to hotel guests and the public. This sultry sanctuary is the perfect setting for a drink at dusk with a bite to eat from our delicious roof top selection.

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The Limes Hotel Review

Review By Tiffany Bridger

The Limes Hotel cocktail bar, situated a short stroll away from the mass-hubbub of nightlife on Brisbane's Fortitude Valley strip, is a venture worth making. Although small, this slick little world of its own glows with the excitement that only the beginning of a great night out can truly muster.

After sharing a tightly packed elevator up to the rooftop bar with corporate trendsetters; men and women alike surrounding you in a cloud of personal success, Armani and a frightening sexual tension; you will be deposited in an equally trend-setting environment (only this one is a bit more than 2 square metres). Yes, this is the business district. These late-twenties, early-thirties patrons are visiting for an evening of delicious debauchery - the wind -down party for singles after a hard days work.

Sounds a little exclusive doesn't it? Before you start to feel inferior, whether financially (as we students normally do) or career-wise (these guys have a good couple of years on us), remember, it's a hotel too. That means guests range from local Aussies on short interstate business trips, to international visitors on a holiday who got a lucky pick on, to students who just want a damn good cocktail or two before continuing their evening elsewhere. Larger crowds of any of the above categories flow in and out, up and down that elevator on weekend evenings, making for a more than interesting experience.

Champagne starts at $7, so you can mingle and flirt in your heels or your dress shoes (there's a standard code, so no flip-flops or singlets allowed). Otherwise recline in one of the many seated areas available or perch yourself in front of the magnificent balcony views, and sip your chosen cocktail. While dancing isn't really an option due to the chatty, lounging atmosphere, this is one of those few places left where smoking is allowed. Upstairs is all yours - and the views get better too.

If you get there early enough, say anytime around dusk, you will be lucky enough to taste-test a bite or two from the tapas menu. And since things tend to slow down just before midnight, it's better to make this part of your evening entree, pun intended, rather than the finale. Then again, options are aplenty. I feel the need to stress 'hotel' here one last time - if you make partners, so to speak, with one the go-getting business majors, you can crash for just $99 in one of the Limes Hotel designer rooms.

What have you got to lose? Schedule Limes Hotel cocktail bar into your diary for next weekend!

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