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Canvas Cocktail and Wine Bar

16b Logan Rd, Woolloongabba
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Delectable cocktails, boutique wine, craft beer, rustic food. 'A vintage inspired treasure in the heart of the Woolloongabba antique precinct'.Step in, become part of the living canvas.

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Canvas Cocktail and Wine Bar Review

Review by Jimmy Wall

Imagine, if you will, walking down a small shopping street which seems a bit out-of-place with its surrounding – yet fits in perfectly in the area. There amongst shops and other bars you will discover a rather unique cocktail bar by the name, Canvas Club. Stepping inside seems to take you back in time to a more rustic and quieter period. For all we know, this cocktail bar might lie on the outskirts of another dimension where time stands still but the good times never stop.

When inside Canvas Club it is as if the stale and boring concrete architecture outside is forgotten. With its rustic looking ceiling where the paint seems to be peeling. Beneath your feet a nice polished floor. Furnished with very rustic and classic tables and chairs. The wooden bar has a beautiful marble slab on top of it – accompanied with a 1920s styled bartender behind the bar asking you with a smile: "What can I offer you today?"

When at the bar you notice behind you – where the wall has been used as a canvas – a few tables and chairs has been placed for a more discreet area. From the bar's right, there is a more open lounge area, perfect for a group of friends to enjoy a few drink with some nice snacks. While on the left of the bar, past the discreet, quiet area are a few booths if you prefer a bit more privacy.

Canvas Club is a laid-back cocktail bar where you would like to dress a bit nice. Casual cool seems to be the unspoken dress code here. A bar where you would expect a bit more mature and hip crowd – age ranging between mid-twenties to late thirties.

It's a cocktail bar with that little extra. Offering a wide variety of nibbles to salads or tapas for the whole table. Nibbles at $3-$6, light meals at $6-$14, cheeses at $12-$14 and tapas at $30-$35. With a wide variety of exclusive drinks and wine, with cocktails at $16-$20, glass of wine at $8-$12, glass of sparkling at $9-$27 and beers and ciders at $7-$12.

Canvas Club is a cocktail bar people visit to enjoy a few good drinks with their friends, while having a friendly discussion over a nice spread of tapas. While in the background they hear jazzed up funky music being played – complimenting the eclectic feel of the bar perfectly. As if time takes a pause in the Canvas Club – letting their patrons have break to enjoy themselves while time outside rushes by.

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