Summer fashion 2012


This Summer it’s all about the 80′s again. Pity we can’t all be in fashion.

The most common look this Summer is ripped denim shorts, boots and mid-riff tops. (God help us if we all start walking around like the 80′s Olivia Newton-John).

This retro look is fine for the straight figured girl, but for the hourglass and the apple shaped woman…this fashion style can NOT be recycled.

I can say this confidently because I’m one of those people who CAN’T wear this season’s “in thing”. I’m not worried though because I have some fashion advice myself.

I believe that we women spend too much time trying to be someone else. I think we hate ourselves too much and worry about the problems we have with our body, rather then celebrating it. Honestly sometimes I think clothes were the most stupid invention, next to guns and bombs. So this season rather then trying to fit into the social norm-celebrate how different you are.

Rather then focusing on the negative attributes, find one you really love about yourself and accentuate it. For me it’s my legs, I’m tall so this summer I’m wearing short bright dresses and high-heels. I also have a big behind, but a small rack, so I’m going to find myself some hipster jeans and an flowing top.

For girls that are opposite to me, don’t dispair- tight dresses with lots of bling are you thing this summer, high waisted shorts and tribal design tops with gorgeous earrings would suit. If you got it flaunt it and girls with larger busts should do with this class.

There is something for every women without having to following unstable fashion trends…think Lady Gaga she’s in a class of her own.


Greystone Bar and Cellars, Queensland


Sunday sesh anyone?

Greystone Bar and Cellars is a intimate venue right in the middle of the dining precinct at South Bank in Brisbane. This funky bar plays host to many walks of life and this particular Sunday it was the host to me.

This bar is open 7 days and I have been visiting this place for ages, but never on a Sunday. Though Greystone boasts to have the best cocktails, what I really enjoyed was laid back atmosphere. The place was inviting because it definitely had the Sunday vibe.

We chilled back in the red lounges and was entertained by muso Mark Lowndes. I give props to his sound -it was perfect for the venue and perfect for Sunday. He played a mixture of Roots, Soul and acoustic covers and even  dropped in some original songs as well- which was much appreciated.

The drink selection is eclectic with a majority of beers being imports. the average for two drinks is around $15, so the place isn’t cheap. The bar is connected to a cellar (bottle-o), so when you’re done drinking there you can pick up your takeaways. But what the bar charges in drinks, they make up for with inexpensive meals.

Greystone offers a variety of tapas dishes all under $10. I sampled the trio of dips and pita bread, but they have a decent selection to choose from. Other dishes include Samosas and Springrolls, Olives and Feta, Prawn Parcels and Pumpkin bread with quince.

I reckon this place is perfect for a first date, a catch up with mates or a lazy afternoon drink.






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Let’s Dance, but NOT on the podium

96 Lets Dance, but NOT on the podium


I love dancing- I will dance and sing everywhere: shopping centres, carparks, grandma’s house and obviously whenever I’m out. But there is one place a refuse to get my groove on- the podium.

Dancing on the podium is for people who just want to be seen or those who can’t actually dance. Think about it- can you really be expressive on the Podium? Can you jump and spin on a podium? The answer is a big HELL NO.

That’s right people, if you are a serious dancer, as I totally am, then you’ll know the dangers of the podium.

I went out recently and really wanted to get on the floor, but it was bursting with sweaty bodies- so I thought the podium was the way to go….wrong. I stood up and realised I was literally in the spot light which blinded me. I couldn’t put my arms up in the arm or wave them around like I just don’t care because I looked like a giant. So I thought- if I couldn’t get up I’d go down…again fail; As I was attempting my dirty dancing skills I almost kneed some poor guy in the face.

I couldn’t handle it anymore, it’s definitely not for me.

But for those of you who love the podium-good for you! However please be mind full of the people underneath you. I believe there needs to be some rules for podium dancing:

1: Don’t dance with you drink up there, I don’t want to get anymore wet then I need to.

2: Ladies if you insist on wearing a dress or skirt don’t flash yourself to the rest of us we don’t want to see it.

3: If you’re an expressive dancer like myself- then don’t bother being up on a podium, it needs a warning sign that says “THIS PODIUM IS FOR THE TWO-STEP ONLY”.

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Christmas cocktails

Everyone has their own quirky way of getting into the Xmas season. For me, Xmas is about running around visiting family and getting as many drinks into me before I get too full from Xmas lunch. This method of boozing usually leads to me passing out at 7pm while everyone party’s.

But this year I thought I’d really like to do it differently, so I’ve prepared my drinks menu in advance. I’ve been doing my research and I believe I have found my top three cocktails which will go nicely in the Australian summer heat…

1: Frozen Daiquiri- Mango flavour ava 039 Christmas cocktails 

This is a common drink and easily accessible at venues which will undoubtly be open Xmas day (the Casino). There are generally a couple of flavour to choose from, but I prefer the sweet and freshing taste of the Mango. This seasonal fruit is also at it’s best at Xmas time and therefore is symbolic to an Australian Xmas. This is defintely the first drink of the day, light, cold and fresh.

30ml- white rum

10ml-sugar syrup (flavouring)

Handful of ice

Ingredients need to be shaken in a cocktail shaker and then poured.

2: Mojitio- Strawberry flavour      6221712 cocktail collection strawberry mojito with lime and mint isolated on white background Christmas cocktails

I completely and untterly HEART this drink-if it’s made correctly. This drink is made several ways, but the base of it are Sugar and Mint Leaves. I prefer to use freshly chopped Strawberries, you can use any fruit- apparently Lychee and Watermelon is also nice. Becareful though, this drink goes down way too easy. This drink is sweet if made with the right, but a little heavy with the rum, so let your food settle before attempting this drink.

30ml- light rum

1 teaspoon- sugar

Fresh mint leaves to taste

Half a cup of crushed strawberries


Top with soda water

Drinks need to be made individually.

3: Cosmopolitans Cosmopolitan+Cocktail Christmas cocktails

This is the dessert cocktail. Cosmo’s are sharp and zesty, so probably can’t be drunk all night. This drink is made from Triple Sec, Vodka, Cranberry juice and finished with Lime. This drink is best severed with a glass of ice on the side. Cosmo’s are delightful after dinner drinks and should be sipped not skulled.

30ml- Vodka

30ml-Triple Sec

60ml- Cranberry

Squeeze of Lime

Shake ingredients together in cocktail shaker and pour.





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Future Music Festival 2012

FMF2012 220x165 Future Music Festival 2012

Just when you thought Summer would  end and take the music with it…think again.

I’ve got my ticket and I’m ready to roll. Future Music festival 2011 is set to be one of the most exciting festivals of the year. The line is all class and screaming with ear ringing, hip swinging dance music!

Come one, come all and lend your ears and body to the likes of, in no official order-



And much,much, much more.

Again, this isn’t a cheap day, so break open the piggy bank and tell everyone they get homemade muffins for Xmas- cose you’re off to dance in the sun!

Check out their website for all the info. See you there.


Food glorious food

When visiting this beautiful red-centered island you can’t help but notice the abundance of food available for you’re tasting.

But wait, the food is plentiful but where is the native cuisine?

That’s right, we (Australians) don’t seem to offer homegrown delicacies at our restaurants . While we all wish we could go out hunting and catch a Kangaroo or forage around for bush tomatoes to share with our clan, it just isn’t possible. I’m pretty sad native Aussie grub hasn’t yet become a more commerical thing. Just like anywhere you visit, you want to try out the native food and Australia is no different, infact, it is probably really important to know about our bush tucker-just in case you jump in your rental bomb and decide to drive on our roads less travelled. You never know when you’ll crave the squishy inside of a chicken tasting  Witchetty Grub.

I have spared a thought for those of you who want know what our traditional food or “bush tucker” is,  if you ever get the chance to try some. Well kind of spared a  thought, I posted a bunch of photos so you can feast your eyes on what our real native food is.

hb yellow brown honeyants Food glorious food Honey Ants.





0609228127b Food glorious food Bush Tomato





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 Food glorious food

Red Kangaroo




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bush tucker Food glorious food  Witchetty grub





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Playing tourist in Sydney

The fun thing about travelling to Sydney for me is when I get to hangout around Darling Harbour and people watch.

I compare where I live to Sydney and how different everyone is. For the record, I live in Brisbane, Australia, where the population is around 3 million. I was once told that Brisbane is just a big country town- which I have to agree with. But Sydney is like another country.

While I sit drinking my schooner of beer at lunchtime on a Saturday at Darling Harbour, I start to mentally list the significant differences about Brisbane and Sydney.

Firstly, when you want to meet people in Brisbane you have to set a date and time a month in advance because your friends won’t live near you. Your main meeting areas are either Southbank, Fortitude valley or Queen st Mall. If you’re planning a night out in Brisbane there is only 3 main transport options and none are reliable- so people often just drive. In Sydney there are about 5 public transport options, and the run on a tight schedule, giving you more choice about party stops.

Secondly, Sydney everyone wants to be seen. I couldn’t believe the amount of people indulging in the sunlight on a scarce piece of turf. Everyone was out and about doing something outside…maybe I don’t notice the yoga with pet dog thing in Brisbane so much- but in Sydney this definitely caught my attention.

Thirdly, shopping hours are vastly different in Sydney. The shops open later, but also stay open later-so you’re not rushing around frantically on the weekend trying to pick up the last minute things for your night out!

Finally, Sydneysiders start partying earlier than Brisbaneites! While I’m all for day drinking- I don’t know how I’d feel about walking around in my clubbing clothes at 5pm. I know it was the weekend, but that means those girls where getting dressed from lunchtime. And I saw at least two groups of women starting their hens night at 5ish. Crazy!

Weekend away for two?


So, you’ve reached our dusty shores, met someone and realised you’re staying in a 12 person hostel…What do you do? Well you could lie and tell them you are staying at the Hilton and fork out your weeks food and drink money for one night of pleasure ( this has actually happened), but is it worth it?

Of course in the short term it would be totally worth it, but your stomach will hate you. Heading away for the weekend is the perfect compromise. Aussie has some great cheap holiday deals for weekend getaways.

But here’s a few tricks to help you find the best possible places for your romantic getaway.

  1. Research– Now generally this is easy as everything is at your finger tips, but to avoid getting a hotel on the beach, but facing the road- double check the rooms. Call the hotel before you book and reserve the beach side/ room with a proper view. If you’re booking from a site which boasts to have the best deals, still double check to avoid the room. The rooms are usually cheap because they don’t a view. However, if you’re not worried about watching the sunset then skip this tip. Also, if you research you could find deals where you get breakfast or a 24 hour sauna!
  2. Confirmation– Print the booking confirmation and then double check the address. This will avoid embarrassment and arguments.
  3. Pack accordingly– Most of time this is easy as a majority of hotels will provide all the basic essentials…but you’re basic essentials, besides your toiletries,  should at least include:  Lubricant- This would seem an obvious choice, but often missed while packing. Condoms- Again, obvious. Batteries- How shit is it when you get there and forgot batteries for the camera? Music- To set the mood, or  just dance like crazy monkeys. Munchies- After the night out and need the drunken feast.
  4. Transport– If you don’t have a car the public transport is reasonably ok, just make sure you leave early. The other alternative is to hire a cheap bomb (car) for the weekend. There are heaps of deals around, but you’ll need to research  the conditions as many car hires will charge you more the further you drive.
  5. Drinks- Decide before you go what type of drinks you want in case there is a difference of opinion. The best choice is to start of with something light to get going with and then follow up the chasers with dinner and drinks. Don’t go all out to early because you have to spend the weekend together and you don’t to ruin with a nasty hangover.
  6. Cards– This is in case you get bored and need help with a conversation. Card games always lighten the mood and can quite often turn into something a lot more fun.
  7. Money– Always have spare cash on you, never know when you’re going to need it.
  8. Conversations– Relax and enjoy getting  to know them. Keep it light and fun- don’t talk about exes, family dramas or past sexual encounters- Who fucking cares about you’re previous conquests?

Most of all have as much fun as possible!


Tongue and Groove- Victoria


Tongue%20and%20Groove%20Bar%20%20 %20St%20Kilda%20 %20Melbourne original Tongue and Groove  Victoria



I’m Tasha from Ireland! I travelled Aussie for over a year, and I have to say, my favourite place to party was Tongue and Groove Bar  in Melbourne (VIC).

Tongue and Groove Bar is on Grey st, St Kilda and is a gay bar, everyone is welcome. This place has an amazing atmosphere with its eclectic choice of music  (Which is really really to me because I love to dance with my friends all night).  This brings me to my next point- Tongue and Groove is open six nights a week surprises the crowd with selection of different DJ’s every night. And when I mean night- this club is often open to like 4am, so if you’re really keen for a decent night out with out hassle, just head here and get comfortable.

Everyone is really nice and keen to do their own thing- leaving me enjoy myself.

I guess another great point is the drink specials. Every time I went there I had a choice of a variety specials- my favourite is vodka, cranberry and fresh lime. The bar staff are accommodating and always friendly.

Hope you enjoy your night!

For more information about this venue head to review section

How To Pick Up A Backpacker

A few years back, me and the boys used to play a game where we would spin a globe blindfolded, and whatever country you landed on, you would have to go out a pick up a girl from that country.  As such, we became seasoned pro’s at picking up backpackers, and learned a few things along the way…

Accordingly, here are the top 5 strategies for picking up backpackers..

1. Buy Them Drinks… Heaps Of Them

Remember backpackers are backpackers generally because they are poor… In addition, generally they aren’t allowed to work, which means drinks come at a premium for them… Buy them a heap of drinks and your in for a good time…

2. Tell Them You Play For [Insert Football Team Name]

Every backpacker wants to leave Australia with a story of how they hooked up with an Aussie sportstar… and you can be be that sportstar! The great thing about this technique is you don’t even need to look the part! Even if you are a bit tubby… instead of a footie team just say you play for the Aussie Cricket team…

3. Tell Them You Have Free Tickets to Field Day, Stereosonic, Future Music Etc

Every backpacker wants to go to a festival, yet the prices are a little beyond what most can afford… When you meet them at the club, just drop the fact you have a few extra tickets and don’t know what to do with them… and “whatever happens… happens”

4. Impress Them With Your Knowledge Of Their Country

This doesn’t mean you crack out the history books… just a basic understanding of capital cities, and maybe a local celebrity and your In like Flynn… As a FYI, Swedes love it if you know Basshunter

5. Ask Them Where They’re From… And Just Fucking Lie!!

If they say they are from Germany, tell them you love German Food, always anted to go there, love the culture etc… Who gives a shit, you aren’t there to marry them, so just tell them how cool they are, how you admire everything about their country, and you’ll be back at the hostel in no time.