What Type Of Nightclubs Guy Are You

Guys in bars and nightclubs are always a mystery to the girls. One minute guys can be all over you, and the next minute he will run to another girl or leave you without asking for your number. The trick to help avoid getting totally confused, lost and helpless in situations like these is to recognize the different types of guys in bars and nightclubs so that you know which ones to avoid and which ones to invest your time in. To help save you time and effort with guys, here are a few more types of some guys you will come across in bars and nightclubs.
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What Type Of Girl Are You In The Club

The different types of girls you encounter in bars and nightclubs can have a very different influence on how good your night out is. For a guy, it can be difficult to spot the differences in types of girls (much like it’s difficult to spot the difference between Asians) until it’s too late and your evening has already been ruined or the mood changed. To help avoid this, here are a few more types of girls in bars and nightclubs.
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Types of Girls in Bars and Nightclubs

Bars and nightclubs are the best place to meet diverse ranges of people, and to talk to someone that you’ve never talked to before. While in your every day life you might go for a cute brunette who loves art and music, you might find that at night you prefer the blonde girl with a nearly non-existent dress. In nightclubs, there are so many girls that it becomes hard to know where to look, and eventually they all merge into one. However, there are a few distinct types of girls that are easy to spot from a mile away, and each of these girls can do something very different for your night.
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A Girls Only Bar?

Call them sexist, but one Hotel in Queensland, Australia has taken a bold move, designing a ladies only floor with girls only accommodation and mini bar. In an Australian first, the Portal Hotel is one of a handful of international hotels catering for the growing number of independent female travellers demanding luxury and security in equal measure.

According to owner, Georgie Woods, the decision to ban boys – from one floor at least – was based on demand within the market. “These days, women account for around 40 percent of Australian business travellers – that’s a lot of ladies travelling alone, often in unfamiliar cities without a good working knowledge of the area,” said Woods. “its not surprising, then, to learn that 70 percent of women identify safety as their main concern when choosing travel accommodation.”

Woods said designing a girly themed floor was way too much fun. “There’s girly treats that only a female could appreciate.” Doors are locked with special security cards, staff are all female and a Pamper Bar featuring organic beauty products, Yealands Way Carbon Zero wine range and hair dressing services are on offer. Rooms have been designed with a female aesthetic in mind including a fresh seasonal bloom scented candle, waffle robe and slippers, magazines and a luxury product pack.

The hotel is located close to shops and has 11 rooms available as “girls only”. The place has just been given a face lift too with a quarter of a million dollars being spent to transform the hotel from a humdrum lodge to a stylish boutique destination. Decore features antique gates, sleek furniture and free iPod docking stations, wireless internet and its only for $235 a night. Ladies take advantage of this amazing bar, dining and holiday option! Embrace your equal opportunity to travel alone and be safe.

The Portal Hotel
52 Astor Terrace Spring Hill, Brisbane

The Nice Guy’s Guide to Bars and Nightclubs

Let’s face it guys: bars and nightclubs are not a place for the shy, quiet, and nice. Nightlife is a time when laughter, drinks, and inappropriateness rule all, and for a nice guy that can be a little hard to compete with. Women everywhere, wearing almost nothing, guys twice your size dancing and drinking so much you wonder how their liver hasn’t shut down yet…it’s easy to fade away into the background. But don’t worry, nice guys: there’s a few things that you can do to ensure that you have a good night out and also don’t disappear off the face of the clubbing scene entirely for that night.
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Smoking and Clubbing

For decades, clubbing and smoking has gone hand-in-hand. Recently, I jumped onboard a tall ship for a week of scrubbing, cleaning, cooking and sail training. My working holiday came with all kinds of rules. Mobiles, iPods, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes weren’t allowed on the boat. I went a little crazy without my music and contact with human life on land, but others on the ship seemed to have trouble letting go of other forbidden fruits.
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How To Get Girls To Buy You A Drink

You are in a club, bouncing around to the music. You are having a great time or are wondering how much alcohol you would need to take to pass out because the music is doing your head in and the people you came with are nowhere to be seen. Good thing you are in one of Sydney’s many nightclubs, and the long, lean bar looks back at you with an overpowering smirk.
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It’s that time of year again. Germans pack their bags and head to Munich, and throughout the rest of the world celebrations are held in honour of the event that is…the infamous Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest began in 1810 as an agricultural show, and beer was only served in 1892. Today, it is a major event that runs for just over two weeks and celebrates the Bavarian culture with food, events, and beer, beer, beer. Now, as lovely as the food, performances and rides are, the main reason we care is alcohol. At less than 9 Euros for a quality 1 litre stein, Oktoberfest gives every beer drinker a reason to go at least once in a lifetime.

However, if you can’t make it to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, there’s no excuse not to celebrate the wonder that is this festival. No matter where you are in the world there are plenty of Oktoberfest celebrations, and this means plenty of beer.

In the United States, Cincinnati, Ohio is the place to fulfil all your Oktoberfest needs without leaving the country. While the smaller celebrations in various other states like Florida and California will still be fun, it won’t be Cincinnati. Alternatively, hop over to Canada for Kitchener-Waterloo’s Oktoberfest in Ontario where beer celebrations rule over entertainment. Over 1 million people rock up to this festival, so if you’re there just drink you’re seeing 6 of everything and it will almost be like Munich’s Oktoberfest.

If you’re in Asia, have no fear: Hong Kong answers all your Oktoberfest at the end of October with a celebration at the Marco Polo Hotel. While the numbers are fairly small at less than 2,000 people, the celebrations are great: if anyone knows how to drink beer, it’s the Chinese. The Marco Polo Hotel even allows for private functions, where you can hold your very own Oktoberfest. Vietnam also throws a great Oktoberfest celebration in Ho Chi Minh City, with over 10,000 guests downing over 15,000 litres of beer in 2009.

Down under, universities are the way to go when celebrating Oktoberfest. Australian university students know how to party and Oktoberfest at UNSW is the most well-known celebration of beer in Sydney. At $30 a pop in 2010, tickets are not the cheapest, but it is most definitely worth it for an incredible night out.

With this, there should be no excuse not to celebrate. Even if you just gather some mates, buy some (German) beer and play some music, Oktoberfest should give you plenty of incentive to eat, drink, and be drunk. So come on: do it for October, and do it for Germany.

By Kelly Teng

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Things NOT to do When Picking Up Girls in Bars and Nightclubs

Picking up in bars and nightclubs is always a bit of a hit and miss. Sometimes the most charming one liner will work wonders, and other times the girl will slap you in the face and walk away. Nothing is guaranteed a 100% success rate when it comes to chicks in clubs, but there are a number of things that are guaranteed to not work.

Have you ever tried to pick up a girl by pretending that you’re not interested in her, or being so mean to her that she ended up hating you instead of thinking you’re cute? Does your idea of a good way to get a girl’s attention consist of hitting her on her butt and telling her she’s “foxy”? If so, you need to stop and take a second to rethink, rework, and remember these top 5 things not to do when picking up girls in bars and nightclubs.

1. Don’t ever swear at her.
You can swear around her, to her, and even about her when you’re with your mates the next day, but the last thing that a girl wants to hear from the guy that’s trying to hit on her is “f*** you, shut up” over and over. I once met a guy who was fairly good looking, but every time I tried to talk to him all I’d hear is “f*** you…shut up!” He did it in a playful way, but after the tenth time it got a little bit frustrating. Here’s a tip, guys: swearing should be saved for football games, complaining about your boss, and sex. Don’t bring it into the nightclub.

2. Don’t dance if you can’t.
If you’re unable to pop it, lock it, drop it with your mates, then it’s definitely not a good idea to try to pick up a girl in this way. Trying to seduce a friend with funny, lame dance moves is great; trying to seduce the girl who has never met you before with some sort of attempt at a Moonwalk is not. See the movie Hitch for a perfect example of the sort of dancing guys should never do in bars and nightclubs.

3. Don’t order her an obscene, stupid sounding drink like the Wet Pussy.
I can’t stress this enough: stop wasting your money buying her these drinks in the hopes that she will go home with you that night. Even if she does, you will have wasted a hell of a lot of money when you could have found a beautiful, not-smashed-off-her-face girl for free.

4. Don’t try to be the “cool guy”
Chicks dig guys who are real, not guys who try to wink at everyone or guys who don’t smile. The worst thing you can do when you try to pick up a girl is to make her think you’re bored of her. Smile. Smile, smile, smile, smile, smile. I can’t stress it enough. But smile normally: don’t be a guy who smiles and winks and comes off as pervy. Just be normal: we love that.

5. Don’t talk to her about other girls.
A sure-fire way to ruin your chances with a girl you’ve just met in a bar or nightclub is to tell her which girl mate of yours is hot, or which girl you currently have a crush on. Don’t tell her about everyone you’ve slept with, how many people you’ve hit on, or anything else that you wouldn’t tell a girl when you’re sober. I once met a German tourist who had obviously gotten with a lot of girls while travelling, but when I joked about it he said “let’s not talk about it.” Now that’s class.

Sure, as a joke, these things can be funny when you’re not in it for anything more than a laugh…but if you’re serious about not going home to an empty bed, they should be avoided. Smile at her, talk to her, and be yourself. While that’s the biggest cliché in the world, just remember: it’s only called a cliché because it works so often, and being a normal, likeable guy is the best cliché of all.

By Kelly Teng

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Everything You Need To Know About Bourbon

Bourbon is sold in all bars and clubs, but what’s the bet even the biggest fans aren’t sure of its origin. We mix it with all kinds of soft drink, give it to people for their Birthdays and even the ladies like sucking a can or two back. September celebrates National Bourbon Heritage Month in the US and Nastasia Campanella looks back in time at the history of the popular beverage.
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