Downloadhub Vs Netflix – Which is Better and Why?

downloadhub vs netflix

The craze of online streaming of movies and tv shows has increased considerably in recent years and all thanks to the then-popular TV channels which have made their contents obsolete and ad-filled. Nowadays, several streaming platforms have evolved and gained popularity like Netflix, Hot star, Amazon Prime, etc. and all of them have a ton of latest contents available on a minimal subscription charge. But in contrary to them has risen a few websites also which have pirated contents and make available even the latest of the movies and TV Shows on their website outrightly. In this article, we will compare one such website named DownloadHub which has gained quite a popularity in the recent days and, the most popular and fan-favourite streaming platform Netflix in DownloadHub vs Netflix head to head.

About Netflix:

Netflix provides a streaming service to watch a variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries online. The service of Netflix is not free and requires a subscription to watch the contents. You have the option to choose one from the four membership plans that suit your needs. The plan that you subscribe to determines what devices you can use to stream or how many people can stream Netflix content from your id at once. It also determines the qualities in which you can watch the contents, i.e. in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), or Ultra High Definition (UHD). Netflix possesses an extensive global content library which features Netflix originals, movies, documentaries, TV shows, and more. But This is to note that Netflix contents vary by region. The prediction system working beneath Netflix gets better with the time you spend watching the contents on it, and gradually it starts recommending movies and shows based on your taste.

Pros and Cons of Netflix:


  1. It is one of the largest and legitimate streaming platforms.
  2. It is available on desktop and mobile both and is simple and easy to use.
  3. It offers ad-free content.
  4. It has a vast catalog of contents be it movies, tv shows, documentaries or any topical content.
  5. The membership plans are very affordable and provide you with the flexibility to choose that suits you.
  6. Netflix offers a free month of membership to try, and you can cancel it within the month without getting charged.
  7. We can create different profiles for each user if more than one person uses the same account. However, a number of users sharing screen depends on the membership plan.
  8. The recommendation system customizes the contents for each profile separately.
  9. We can download and watch the content offline so gives the flexibility to watch favourite contents on the go.


  1. Although it has a vast catalog, we can call it an outdated one.
  2. The new contents are not outrightly available. It takes considerable time depending on the content to be available on Netflix.
  3. The selection of the contents depends on your location and the region in which you live.

About DownloadHub:

Now before moving towards DownloadHub vs Netflix let us take a closer look at DownloadHub. DownloadHub is a website that provides Hollywood and Bollywood movies with dual audio, tv shows, and other content to stream and download. Unlike its rival Netflix, it provides pirated content. Nowadays, it is the biggest piracy website that offers the newest of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, and dubbed Hollywood movies as well. DownloadHub is gaining popularity these days due to the easy availability of latest movies or tv series on their website which they make available in hardly two to three days of their release. This is because they do not follow any legal code of conduct to bring the contents on their channel, and they simply do it by pirating the contents.

Pros and Cons of DownloadHub:


  1. It is free to use.
  2. The catalog of DownloadHub is way richer than the legitimate streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  3. The new contents are available outrightly on the website.
  4. DownloadHub can be used through its website as well as the app.
    Note: Watching and downloading pirated contents or infringing them is an illegal activity which can attract punishment from the law.
  5. Contents can be independently downloaded, unlike saving it for offline watching.
  6. We can choose the quality of the content depending on our device and internet speed.


  1. It is a website that does piracy which is an illegal activity.
  2. As the contents are made available outrightly, the video quality might not be good. It takes time in making HD versions available.
  3. It comes with a lot of ads which can be frustrating sometimes.
  4. Being illegal it keeps getting blocked, so one needs to use proxy server address to access the contents. It is not a very user-friendly technique for an average user.
  5. By using it, you also get yourself involved in illegal activity which can attract punishments.

DownloadHub vs Netflix:

In the above sections, we have discussed the two platforms providing online streaming service and their pros and cons. Now let’s go and compare them head to head in DownloadHub vs Netflix battle and see who takes the edge over the other –

Netflix DownloadHub
It Contains legitimate contents. It Contains pirated contents.
The catalogue is vast but limited. The catalogue is way bigger than Netflix.
Contents take time to get updated on Netflix. Contents are outrightly available.
Requires subscription to use. Free to use, does not require any subscription.
It Contains no advertisements. It Comes packed with advertisements.
Contents can only be saved for offline watching. Contents can be downloaded independently, unlike Netflix.
Screenshare is available depending on the membership plan. No such concept of screen sharing. Everyone can use it independently.
It is easy to access and use Mostly requires proxy server address or VPN server to use.

From DownloadHub vs Netflix, we can see that both of them have their pros and cons. While Netflix is a legitimate source, DownloadHub is not and can cost you more than a Netflix subscription if you are unlucky. Therefore, it is always advisable to not to indulge in watching pirated contents which in-turn gives rise to piracy and copyright infringement.…