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Yarra Lounge

7 Ballarat St, Yarraville, VIC
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A small and slightly retro-looking bar and restaurant in the vibrant suburb of Yarraville, Yarra Lounge is a quaint establishment that gets its name from its location and its atmosphere reflects the elegant yet accessible feel of the area. Whether you are looking to have a few of the imported beers and wines available, or wanting somewhere to go after seeing a movie across the road at Sun Theatre, Yarra Lounge is the perfect place for it

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What to Expect @ The Yarra Lounge

By Matt Wilson

Yarra Lounge is a very small and slightly retro-looking bar across the road from the equally retro-looking cinema Sun Theatre. In fact, being one of the more well off suburbs in Melbourne’s west, a lot of this part of Yarraville is retro-looking to keep the look the area had circa the 1950s, and Yarra Lounge obviously gets its name from its location. Besides the look of the street and its buildings complementing one another, the atmosphere of Yarra Lounge also adds to the retro vibe it is going for.

The inside of Yarra Lounge has the aforementioned retro look, primarily with the 1950s-style paintings of alcoholic drinks along the walls, but with a relaxed feel as not much really seems to happen here. Yarra Lounge is also a restaurant, so it has a variety of foods written up on one half of a blackboard above the counter in front of the kitchen, mostly serving various types of tapas and pizzas.

The other half of this blackboard, as well as the blackboard above the bar, has all the drinks on offer listed, which are mostly wines, tequilas, and importe beers like samuel adams, red tail, whale ale, st arnou, and hoegaarden to name but a few. there are more common alcoholic drinks served too, like jim beam, barcardi, and carona, as well as some soft drinks, though there are few of these types of drinks on offer, making it obvious that yarra lounge is trying to project an image of being a bar for those with sophisticated tastes in alcoholic drinks.

a lot of people will probably not be familiar with the folk music played here, but since yarra lounge is a relaxed and uneventful place, it is not surprising that most of the patrons were in their 30s or older, making the music fitting. besides the age bracket, yarra lounge also seems to be aimed at hipsters who like indie music; even the bartenders were talking about indie bands amongst themselves at one point. Even if you do not have the characteristics of the usual types of patrons that come to Yarra Lounge, if you and your friends are going to see a movie at Sun Theatre and want to have a few drinks too, all you have to do is walk across the road.

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