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Vanity Nightclub

26 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD
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Vanity Nightclub changes the perception and expectations of Surfers Paradise nightlife. Lose yourself in the pure decadence of the Gold Coast’s premier clubbing destination. Plush fabric panels meet colourful mosaics and custom designed wallpapers, antique mirrors and unique furnishings of patterned, diamond-studded, gold and other unique textures have been incorporated to create a venue that’s eclectic yet sophisticated. Step inside and experience an always vibrant and breathtaking atmosphere. The venue caters for every individual and occasion with spacious Party Booths to reserve, Private VIP lounges and an excess of glamour on the dance floor.

At Vanity Nightclub it’s all about you and with this in mind we have produced tailored VIP Bottle Service and local member’s specials so you can make Vanity Nightclub your local venue, any night of the week.

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Vanity Nightclub Review

Review By Katrina Filewood

As I walked up Cavil avenue last Friday night on my way to Vanity, the “new” Bedroom nightclub, I wondered just how much different a paint job, some new carpet and a name change could make.

After entering the front double doors and walking down the staircase, I notice the beautiful wallpaper and pictures hanging from the wall – the renovation actually looks great.I also notice that walking down very steep stairs in heels is never an easy task.

I get to the foyer and I’m told entry is $10, this is a pretty standard price on the Gold Coast and – considering it’s a new club – I don’t complain and go inside. My friend later tells me however if I had emailed or rang up before 8pm I could have got in for free by putting my name at the door.

The crowd at Vanity is mostly young girls: fresh eighteen year olds who are really just looking for somewhere to get drunk, dance to top 40 remixes and kiss some boys in a dark corner. After the young girls there are large groups of young guys, about 18 – 20 who obviously have followed the girls in. Then after the young boys the remainder of the crowd seems to be older guys, mid to late 20’s, looking to creep onto the younger drunker girls.

You don’t often get to say that a club feels clean, but Vanity, being new, feels very neat and sophisticated even though the crowd is not.

I go to the bar to buy a Vodka and am charged $8, a pretty reasonable price. There is no cocktail list as Vanity is more of a drink and dance place, not a sit back with friends and catch up sort of club. If you’re a lady then there is an extra special treat for you: Thursday nights means ladies night, and ladies night means free drinks. Pay your $10 entry fee (or email vanity before 8pm to get your name on the door for free) and as you enter you will be given a wrist band for the night. This means you are given a cup, and it can be filled as many times as you like for nothing.

Friends and I have done ladies night more times than I can remember, and it is the best night to be had if you are keen for a big girls night, don’t have much cash and want to be served by some of the coasts hunkiest guys without shirts. There are plenty of lounges up above the dance floor but it’s very hard to hear anything everyone is saying, it’s definitely a nightclub and not a lounge bar.

On my trip to the toilet I find that they have installed a computer for people to get on Facebook, I can admit that I have never seen that before in a club and besides the fact it seemed dirty to be on a communal computer in a toilet, it was a good novelty.

I found Vanity to be the kind of place you would go for your 18th birthday or a classic “big night out” after a friends break up where you just get stupidly drunk, get on a podium and dance your heart out to pop songs. All in all Vanity is a fun club that I would recommended going to for the start of night if your planning on it being a big one. It has great places to dance, cheap drinks, cheap entry and if you get bored than you can always get on Facebook.

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