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Twin Peeks

134 Forbes St, Woolloomooloo, NSW
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A recently renovated Terrace style building, nestled privately in the Eastern Suburbs and very close to the Sydney CBD, Twin Peeks features a fine dining fully licensed restaurant . The state of the art sound and lighting system is the background for the choreographed shows performed by Australia’s best ‘Showgirls’. The design is sexy, sophisticated and an atmosphere that is merely unforgettable. What attracts the high flying business set and celebrity playboys to Twin Peeks? Before you even enter the exclusive doors, you must have a confirmed reservation. Your stunning hostess then introduces you to a remarkable scene with an array of amazing lingerie waitresses. The staff are not only your server, but they are also performers, entertaining you throughout the function and even offer sexy shows whilst feeding you your dessert!

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Twin Peeks Review

Review By Sebastian Kemp

Situated in an innocuous looking terrace a stones-throw away from the heart of Kings Cross, Twin Peeks exemplifies the notion of “never judging a book by its cover.”

Although not a gentleman’s club regular, I was obliged to attend Twin Peeks after receiving an invitation to a close friends 27th birthday party. So after a few pre-drinks, we taxi’d our way to a dubious looking part of Woolloomooloo, assembling out the front of the venue. We waited in suspense for the place to open, keeping ourselves occupied with a bit of planking and other assorted scallywag behaviour.

Not long after, we were escorted into the venue by an attractive, scantily clad woman to the back of the venue. Located within a retrofitted terrace building, the venue is extremely cosy ensuring an intimate setting for the night’s entertainment.

The Twin Peeks experience is a little more sophisticated then a run of the mill strip club. The venue provides a sit down dinner (which is surprisingly good), punctuated by table-top dancing by some extremely attractive women. What is extremely impressive is the entrance of such ladies, as they slide down through the roof, and slowly make their way towards the back of the venue, across countless tables surrounded exclusively by very excited gentleman, undressing as they go until, well, they are wearing nothing other than a smile.

Needless to say, the main attraction for most people thinking of attending Twin Peeks is the women, in which case you won’t be disappointed. This isn’t a venue where the entertainment look like they have just seen their pet dog run over, the women here really look like they are loving every minute of becoming the fantasy of the patrons around them. What is equally impressive however is the atmosphere of the venue, which can only be described as seductively cosy, and the way in which the MC really gets people involved, and creates suspense, which is extremely impressive.

Although I was pretty drunk by the end of the night, if my memory serves me correctly, the night ended pretty early, and given its proximity to King’s Cross, provides ample time for a typical night of clubbing. The alternative however is to stay back and have “dessert” which involves… who knows what, but the majority of people seemed to be willing to pay the circa $150to experience it.

Whilst I don’t see myself becoming a regular, for a birthday, bucks or non-descript male only party, Twin Peeks if definitely something different, and very worthwhile. My only suggestion however is if you are not a regular of a gentleman’s only venue such as Twin Peeks, I recommend you familiarise yourself with the rules, as Twin Peeks comes down pretty hard on people unfamiliar with them.

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