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21 Orchid Avenue, Surfer Paradise, QLD
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Bringing back the classic and notorious nightlife of New York circa the 1970’s, Twenty1 has set the benchmark for modern Gold Coast nightlife. As the first 5-Star Dining Room and Bar to hit the Gold Coast, Twenty1 has created a chic and glamorous destination that is quickly becoming the playground for the Gold Coasts A-lists.

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Review By Katrina Filewood

People who have told me about Twenty1 in the past have said it was a club for older people who were after a casual drink after work.

Let me just say: it wasn’t.

I walk up the stairs to Twenty1 and pay a $10 cover charge, and as I enter the first thing I notice is a long central bar that takes up almost a whole room. It’s amazing. Past the bar there are private booths all the way along the dance floor that allure you into them with their sleek leather lounges.

As the name suggests Twenty1 is a club for those over twenty-one. It’s a club that takes care of people in their twenties who don’t want to be surrounded by younger teens who can’t handle their alcohol. I didn’t see anybody over 30 years old; everyone seemed to be of similar age and mingled well.

After making my way up to this amazing bar I order a vodka and am charged just $8.It’s surprising that such a sleek and sophisticated bar has cheaper drinks than most of the others. It takes less than a minute to get served and the gorgeous girl serving me is nice and smiley, a vast improvement on some of the snotty bar maids I usually encounter on the Coast.

The atmosphere of the club is fun and set’s a happy vibe. I sip on my vodka in a private booth and after two or three songs I get up to make some moves on the dance floor. The music is mostly dance/house music which is always fun to dance to.

The fun vibe is really inviting. I felt as though I could have a good time without any snide remarks from drunken girls judging on the sideline.

Everyone was also pretty stylish. Boys, you don’t need a collared shirt to get in but you will need some clean jeans and nice shoes. The girls were mostly wearing dresses and heels; they looked nice and not trashy which for the Coast was a good change.

One thing I will point out is that as the night carried on, the number of people in the club began to dwindle. By about 2:30am you will notice the club start to slow down, most people will head over to Sin City because it has a similar style of music and is just across the street.

Twenty1 was the kind of club I would take my friends to. It was cheap, had a good vibe, the LED roof was magical and the private booths made the night so much more intimate.

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