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Melbourne CBD, Melbourne

Tramp Bar

20 King St, Melbourne 3000 VIC
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Deep down town on the East of the city lies an underground nightclub below the streets and the titty. Inspired by the past. Playing music of the future, the place is fucking mad.

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Review By Stephanie Isherwood

Despite any misgivings one may have about Tramp, based solely on its provocative name and location (King Street), Tramp continues, weekend after weekend, to please its patrons. Downstairs at the small club the atmosphere never fades or ceases to please, although it is the kind of place best visited after midnight, rather than a place to start off your night (it peaks around 3am). The DJs at Tramp continually play underground electro to keep the dancers on the floor happy, while the chilled out side room is the favourite area of partygoers needing a couch to sink into and relax.

Tramp is known for it’s good times and awesome music, which is evident in its solid fan base of patrons who return week after week. Just ask anyone who has been, and I bet you any money they will tell you how great their night went, and how they are sure they will be back in the weeks to come. While a few people are put off by its proximity to the gentlemen’s clubs of King Street, once they actually go out and experience that which is Tramp, not many can say that it interferes with their night out.

Tramp is open Fridays from 10pm-6am and Saturdays 10pm-10am, allowing for ample time to drink, dance and chill out before heading off home. Drink prices at Tramp are average, with shots averaging at $9, although, depending on the night, drink specials are available. Various DJs play at Tramp, and it’s best to check the web for wo will be playing week to week, as although they have their usual residents, there are often new names and well known names popping up on the list.

All in all, Tramp will have you enjoying yourself well into the early hours of the morning, without the hassle of having to wait for hours in line just to get in.

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