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Tradewinds Hotel

59 Canning Hwy, Fremantle, WA
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Boasts traditional elegance with modern dining flair and are a premier riverside destination in East Fremantle. Relax in open air comfort with modern shade sails for summer and gas heaters for winter evening cozy warmth. Come and enjoy our front courtyard with a raised wooden deck area and outside bar overlooking the banks of the Swan River. Watch the sunset with a selection of choice international and local wines and beers on tap.

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The Tradewinds Hotel Review

Written by Claire Watson

If you’ve got an itch for an all-nighter, you can cross this one off your list for now. However, don’t write off Tradewinds just yet. The Tradewinds Hotel is a serious contender for a top Sunday sesh or quiet night out with friends.

This modern, well-furnished pub north of the main town centre has the same relaxed vibe as being in the heart of Fremantle, without the hectic, short-skirted, testosterone- fuelled chaos that is sure to be found along the cappuccino strip once the sun goes down. Though relatively quiet on a Friday or Saturday night, the Tradewinds always pulls a good crowd for their Thursday night $15 Pizza and Peroni promotion.

Situated just where the Swan River meets the sea, the majority of the space is taken up by an extensive indoor/outdoor dining and bar area, complete with misters and outdoor heaters, so you’ll be able to enjoy the view in rain, hail or shine. On the right afternoon, you’ll be fortunate enough to watch your pizza cook right before your eyes in their outdoor pizza oven.

Inside, you’ll find a cosy lounge area and a comparatively small but well run bar, making sure it doesn’t take hours just to get served. Now, don’t be expecting any fancy cocktails garnished with fresh fruit or umbrellas, but you can choose from a healthy list of beers, wines and spirits for a pretty reasonable price. The casually dressed crowd is mostly of an older age bracket looking for a few quiet drinks after work, a top feed or just somewhere with a great atmosphere to kick back of an evening. A great spot for a couple of drinks and a good catch-up with mates, you’ll never have to shout over the speakers here, which is mostly just a good selection of indie background noise.

If you’re looking for a wild night out and a bit of a boogie, I would recommend heading into Fremantle town for the night. If not, give the Tradewinds Hotel a try for something a bit different – it doesn’t disappoint.

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Our Second Review Of Tradewinds Bar

Written by Julian Sherrington

Located parallel to the Swan River as it winds through Fremantle’s docks and hilly suburbs, Tradewinds is a bar that caters to the eclectic variety of life that the famed port city has to offer.

Very often, on a weekend, it is not uncommon for the idle customer to wander in during an early evening to discover a vibrant atmosphere of youthful festivities. This was the experience I had on a Saturday night where two twenty first birthday parties had chosen the Tradewinds as the starting venue for their celebration. One of these celebrations didn’t feel the need to move on until after the bar had closed at midnight.

However, it is not uncommon on a weekday afternoon to find a more relaxed setting. The seating arrangements include couches where people can very often recline before a table adorned with nibbles, pizza, and their chosen drinks. On a sunny afternoon, as a cooling sensation provided by an easterly breeze relaxes your face, one would be hard pressed to think of a location in Fremantle that is more tranquil. This outside area is spacious and allows people to move amongst its tables and bar tops with considerable ease. This means very few spills or claustrophobic manoeuvrings through crowds of people, even when busy. For this reason, it is especially suited to the reader bringing small children in tow for a session with family or friends. At night time, outdoor heating prevents the cold from spoiling social interactions and there is an indoor bar and hall where people can move into as the evening progresses.

Tradewinds is a short walking distance from the fashionable George Street, which hosts some of the best fine dining and shopping in the Fremantle area. It is the perfect place for pre or post drinks after enjoying a nice meal with a friend or partner.

Wednesday evenings include a Quiz Night which is rambunctious and entertaining for those who attend. Tradewinds is not novel in its alcohol inventory. Most beers on offer are those that one can expect to find at any bar, and most standard wines are from Western Australia or South Australia. Spirits are also available. The food is characteristically Mediterranean in theme. Seafood and pizza apportion most of the menu space, with standard salads and sandwiches also listed. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options are marked as such.

Tradewinds is attuned to the rhythms and possibilities of the city of Fremantle. It can be simultaneously gregarious and loud or reserved and quiet. It caters to the whims of whoever happens to be in its rooms and this is the reason for its continued popularity and success. Whether you are a Fremantle local, a far removed Perthian or a visitor from abroad be sure to drop by and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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