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Trademark Hotel Lounge Bar and Piano Room

1 Bayswater Rd, Sydney, NSW
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The quintessential Sydney experience that is equal parts elegance and egalitarian. From relaxed post work drinks to late night supper; from draft beers to creative cocktails; from live jazz in the Piano Room to late night dancing in the Lounge Bar, the Trademark provides a variety of options, whatever the time, whatever the temperament.

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Trademark Hotel Review

Review By Kelly Teng

Trademark Hotel… One of the classier places in the Cross, and for this reason alone it probably deserves a night out or two. But guys, if you’re planning to get in, be sure that you look great because the Trademark won’t accept your thongs, ripped sneakers, or non-collared shirts. And girls, before you go there, make sure you look hot, hot, hot, because otherwise, there’s a chance that you might just get turned away on a busy night. Needless to say, if you are accepted then rest assured you will be surrounded by beautiful people which can only be a good thing.

The one thing I would go back to the Trademark for over and over again (if nothing else) are their awesome circular lights. In this sense, the decor is great as it provides that little extra something that other bars and nightclubs don’t have. The chairs also give this location a little something extra, however it becomes hard to find somewhere to sit after 10pm on a busy night. Needless to say the interior reflects the sophistications of the people attending this famed Sydney nightspot.

And on the note of busy nights: Saturday nights are always busy at Trademark. If you go on the right nights (like I did) you might even find dancers dressed up as angels or in some other costume, prepared to entertain the crowds of clubbers. It’s not necessary, but this entertainment is always a great way to add that extra something to a night out.

The Trademark is probably not the best place to go for the under 25’s as it tends to attract an older, more sophisticated crowd. Also, if you don’t want to listen to electro and house music all night, it’s probably best to rock up to Hugo’s instead. The dance floor is always packed, but there’s no point in that if you can’t dance to the music they’re playing! If electro and house is your taste though, Trademark is the place for you.

As usual, drink prices left me broke. However, the cheap entry made up for this: entry on Fridays is free before 11pm if you’re on the guest list, and can be cheap on Saturdays if you arrive at the right time. I had a great night overall, and I can definitely recommend the Trademark. If you’re in the Cross, check it out: if nothing else, getting in to this nightclub on a busy night means that you’re pretty hot.

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Trademark Hotel Review

Review By Ben King

Trademark, as the name suggests would have to be one of the flagship venues on the famous Golden Mile that is King’s Cross. With a reputation the precedes it, Trademark is without question a destination that every serious clubber has been to at least once. As a semi regular on Saturday Night, this was my first time there on a Friday night, so I was interested to see whether the day made a difference to the “Trademark Experience.”

Simply put, the answer is yes.

For those who have never been to Trademark, the first thing you notice as you climb the winding stairs is the uniquely decorated ceiling, covered in a sea of hollow “globes.” Couple this with the raised section hugging the side of the club, and you will be instantly impressed with the decor of the club.

Friday Nights seem to be reserved for the 21 year old crowd, looking to impress in their most glamorous of clothes. Clearly, Trademark is targeting this market offering 2 basic spirits for $10, which might I say is very refreshing given the opulent surrounding would suggest you would be lucky to get one drink for that price. This also makes up for the $15 cover charge.

If you are heading here, you definitely have to spend a bit of time on the balcony, which, is located almost directly under the famed King’s Cross Coca Cola sign.

In regards to the clientele, aside from being 21 or similar, they are also outrageously attractive (the girl’s at least), and outnumber the guys 3 to 1. Although you might like your chances, I didn’t see anyone “making friends” on the dance floor.

One thing that did strike me however was the number of security persons as well as an RSA marshal and a uniformed police officer. Needless to say, Trademark evidently looks to ensure a safe night out for patron’s, hence if you are a troublemaker I’d steer well clear of this place.

In summary, if your 21, attractive and out on a Friday night this is the place to be.

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A 3rd Review Of Trademark Lounge Bar and Piano Room

Review By Cassanne Ayre

Kings Cross usually has a negative stigma attached to it; unsafe and dirty. If this is true (I have never experienced it) then Trademark Hotel and Piano Room is perhaps the diamond of Kings Cross! Situated under the famous ‘Coca Cola’ sign, Trademark Hotel and Piano Room is essentially the gateway to an amazing night out.

Trademark Hotel and Piano Room is suitable for any occasion, whether it be a few drinks after a hard day’s work or a crazy night out, this venue caters for everyone! The sleek and interesting decor emulates the sophisticated cliental that frequent this fantastic establishment. Of course this venue is buzzing over the weekend; however, it is a popular place to visit during the week for a more relaxed experience.

I frequently visit Trademark Hotel and Piano Room because I love the atmosphere that this venue creates. As a member, I do get a few extras when I go, however, Trademark Hotel and Piano Room is definitely worth the wait and the entrance fee. My first initial experience was overwhelming, the limited lighting and sophisticated crowd left me in awe. Trademark Hotel holds the Main Bar, the VIP Area and the Mezzanine all host an eclectic mix of twenty-something men and women ready to party and have a good time.

Trademark always has an exciting event planned Thursday through to Saturday; Swag Thursday, Eve Friday and Voyeur Saturday. Just be sure before you plan a night out there that there isn’t a special event on, unfortunately if there is there is usually a higher cover charge. Trademark is an impressive venue that also allows you to host lavish events in the four different function areas scattered around the premises.

It is essential that everyone should visit Trademark Hotel and Piano Room at some point during their Kings Cross experiences. Although it is a venue that attracts a mature and older crowd, they still know how to enjoy themselves and dance until the sun rises.

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Captured At Trademark Hotel Lounge Bar and Piano Room

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