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Tiger Lil’s

437 Murray St, Perth, WA
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Tiger Lil’s, is a concept new to Perth, morphing Asian fare with a casual Perth bar culture. This style of matching affordable Asian cuisine with pub priced drinks is fast becoming a popular alternative. Retaining the large palm tree, Tiger Lil’s is located in Murray St in the West End of central Perth.

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Tiger Lil’s Review

Review By Ashley Huston

If you are in the mood to visit one of Perth’s finest and liveliest bars on a Friday night I would recommend Tiger Lils on Murray Street. From the outside the bar looks deceptively small but once you enter you discover the bar just stretches further and further back. The front area is set for those in the mood for dinner, which consists mostly of Asian fare but also features classics like fish and chips with an Asian twist. You will find however on a Friday night the bar is packed with an eclectic 20-30 year old crowd. Businessmen relaxing after a hard weeks work are combined with stylish club goers just beginning their night by stopping by for a few pre party drinks.

The ceiling of the first bar is eye catching with a kaleidoscope of coloured lanterns and parasols highlighting the bars Asian flare. The decorations infuse the front bar with an energy that is undeniable and hard to resist with a small dance floor forming towards the back of the room. The first set of doors leads to a small outdoor section where it is quiet enough to have a conversation, however prepare to be jostled about by those moving between the front and back bars. The last room is lined on three sides with booths of various sizes, which can be hired for private functions. The fourth side hosts the bar manned by attractive and skilled bartenders, this final bar is often the quietest and the easiest place to get a drink.

The drinks themselves are fairly priced with vodka and pineapple juice costing $8. However those wishing for something special can choose a cocktail from the bars impressive list. Cocktail prices vary between $12 and $17 and every week a special cocktail is placed on the list for those looking to be a little more adventurous.

By 10 o’clock this bar is packed with a friendly and diverse crowd, the atmosphere is lively with the clubs vivacious customers enjoying good quality drinks in attractive surroundings. While I wouldn’t want to dedicate my whole night to Tiger Lils it is undeniably a fabulous place to either unwind or get started before heading out. I will defiantly be back!

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A 2nd Tiger Lil’s Review

By Justine Smith

If you looking for place to start your night, look no further than Tiger Lil’s! Located on Murray St, the west end of Perth Central, Tiger Lil’s is in walking distance from the Perth Underground.

The bar/restaurant is very deceiving in terms of size. From the outside the place looks very small but as you venture into the dwelling you will come across room after room as you snake your way towards the back. The very back room offers comfortable seating for you and your friends to have a conversation without having to stand.

The decor of Tiger Lil’s is Oriental, with paintings of beautiful Asian women shown in the dining area. The ceiling is decorated with oriental parasols which is an enchanting sight to see when you first enter the bar. The lights in the restaurant area are dimly lit with red tea lights burning in the middle of each table.

The dinner menu has a delicious dish for every budget starting from $18.95. The salmon fillet with warm soba noodle herb salad and Asahi battered white lotus is to die for and goes for $25.95. Although I was unable to see due to the low lights, my tastebuds told me the salmon was perfectly cooked with a nice crispy skin. Be sure to enjoy a mouth-watering dessert. I recommend mango custard with a fresh fruit sago soup – you will not regret it.

The crowd on a Friday averages to be about the 25 year range and you will find the place becomes packed with individuals having after work drinks. From about 9pm onwards people looking to start their night begin to arrive.

The cocktail menu offers delicious selection of concoctions which is sure to impress your tastebuds as well your bank account. Starting at $12 and going as high as $17, you really cannot go wrong. My favourite would have to be the Baby San which goes for $15 and is served with an orchid. One detail which annoyed me was the wait for my drink to be made. The bartender took his sweet time while making my drink both while I was waiting for my dinner and again later on in the night. He seemed to think talking to his mates behind the counter was more important than my drink.

However, I completely forgot all about my annoyance once I had my first sip. You will want to go back for the exact same drink but I suggest you try a different one, I suggest a Bangkok Betty. They are all enticing and you must try them all.

Tiger Lil’s offers a great time for you and your friends with delightful menus in terms of food and drink. Being a unique concept of Asian and bar culture, Tiger Lil’s is a place you must experience and a place I will definitely go back again.

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