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The Exchange Hotel

131 Edward St, Brisbane, QLD
(07) 3229 3522

Under the guidance of renowned architects, Brand & Slater, the Exchange endeavors to set the standard for Brisbane establishments. With a multi million refurbishment, sophisticated ambience, cutting edge AV equipment and a new and exclusive roof top terrace, the Exchange Hotel is set to revitalize the inner city social scene. Whether visiting for business or pleasure the Exchange Hotel offers an experience ideal for any occasion. Not only being a terrific venue to meet for after work drinks or a cheeky cocktail, we also offers an impressive bistro menu open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Spread across four exceptional bars the venue offers a diverse range of local and imported products, refreshing cocktails, premium spirits and liqueurs and top of the range wines and bubbly. Lying alongside our high-quality beverage selection, our new menu provided in a bistro style dining setting, boasts modern yet classic cuisine certain to satisfy even the most particular of tastes.

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What to Expect @ The Exchange Hotel

By Mija Kovacic

Definitely one of my favourite spots in Brisbane City’s club scene, The Exchange Hotel (also commonly known as Stockies) has proven to be the place to go when you’re after a fun, cheap, night. Spacious, yet intimate, the venue is drama free, and is suited to all.

Upon entry, you will almost always find yourself nestled among others as you wait in line. This is, however, easily forgotten once you discover there is no cover charge (regardless of day or time), and once you enter the premises and realise what’s in store. On first impression, you will notice is that the area is dimly lit, yet luminous red lights from the bar provide a relaxed and enticing feel as sofas and cushions are positioned around tables, giving you the opportunity to take it all in – while sipping on your drink of choice, of course.

The bar is hard to miss. It stretches out against the wall and ends around the corner, allowing quick service for all. The drinks are offered at standard prices, with cocktail specials from $5 between 7pm and 9pm. My favourite had to be their French Martini. If you wanted to give their food a try, get in there Thursdays between 5pm and 9pm and you’ll be treated with their amazing $1 tacos (with the purchase of a drink).

Another ‘hard to miss’ feature is the generously sized dance floor. Blasting top 40 hits, as well as remixes and some well known oldies, they have everyone covered. A screen playing music videos is visible to all as the lights flash and flicker overhead. Even when full, you find that you don’t struggle for your own space (or air for that matter). Being so close to the bar, you can also easily hop between the two without missing out on your favourite songs.

If the music and dancing becomes just a little too much, the Exchange has created a rooftop ‘getaway’. The bar upstairs – while smaller than downstairs – is surrounded by a lot of space for club-goers to both stand around and wait for drinks. As you take a seat in one of the many seating areas available, you won’t be able to miss the amazing city views. These are complimented by the music that fills the open air. While softer than downstairs, it’s still enough to get some people up and dancing in their own space, yet gives you the opportunity to get a word in with your friends.

Overall, The Exchange Hotel is one that provides for all ages, with most of its occupants being between 18 and 25. The music is great and is sure to get you up and moving, while the space and seats provided give you a chance to take a break as you observe and chat. Its central location makes it perfect to get a ride home and fit in that early-morning junk food fix as you recollect the events from your night and you’re almost always guaranteed a great night out.

A 2nd Look @ The Exchange Hotel

By Sarah Wykes

The Exchange Hotel is everything you expect it to be when looking through the large street-front windows: elegant, sophisticated and fun. It is designed to amaze. Located on the corner of Charlotte and Edward Street, The Exchange Hotel is right in the heart of the Brisbane nightclub scene.

Having only visited the Exchange Hotel once previously, I was unsure if it would be as good as it was in the past. Fortunately, The Exchange Hotel lived up to my expectations. Although there was a line by the time I arrived, there was no cover charge, a refreshing change from other similar venues. When entering downstairs, there is a seating area, allowing you to relax and escape the crowd from the bar and dance floor area. The downstairs bar is large and exquisite, lit to fit the mood of the room. The bar is spacious enough to be able to find a place to be served quickly, even if it’s crowded. I visited on a Saturday towards midnight, and as you would expect the bar was fairly busy. However this only managed to lift the vibrant mood of the night.

Downstairs also has a large dance floor, perfect for moving everyone away from the bar to avoid congestion.

However, the bars to visit at The Exchange Hotel are the ones located upstairs. Here you find an exceptional outside bar. It is designed to have space at the bar, as well as a seating area and a massive television screen, which played video clips synced with the music playing in the bar. It allows everyone to get a spectacular view of the city. The space is perfect, and gives the bar much vibrant energy, which often lacks at other outside bars in the city. The night I attended the weather was on our side, and it failed to heavily rain. The rain does affect this bar and can cause it to close, but there are plenty of other areas to go in this circumstance. The other upstairs bar is inside and somewhat smaller than the downstairs bar, but still offers plenty of space to get served and continue drinking afterwards.

The Exchange Hotel has a reputation for being able to cater to a variety of age groups, and it certainly delivers. It doesn’t take long to see everyone from students to office workers to those who are just out for a good time. Both locals and visitors will feel welcome here. There is a large variety of drinks, ranging from cocktails and spirits to liqueurs and wines. The Saturday night did not offer any specific cheap drink deals which can be found at numerous other bars in the city, so the night can get expensive quickly.

By the end of the night I was having so much fun I was reluctant to leave. The Exchange Hotel is definitely a bar to visit if you’re looking for a fun night in one of Brisbane most sophisticated and stylish bars.

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