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Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

The Ruby Tramp

4 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD
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Within days of its discreet and seductive opening, The Ruby Tramp was recognised as the new standard of club for the Gold Coast. Unrivaled as a prestige lounge bar with an upmarket style designed to appeal to the dicerning clientele.

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The Ruby Tramp Review

Review By Katrina Filewood

The Ruby Tramp is an uber trendy bar that just screams style.

When you walk up the red stairs to one of the most decedent clubs on the Coast, you will be blown away by just how much detail has gone into this club. There are paintings, antique lamps and even a deer head hanging from the Ruby Tramp’s walls, and you will even find a fireplace (no, they do not light it due to obvious safety reasons) surrounded by leather lounges and coffee tables. At the back of the club you will find a large circular lounge about 1m off the ground that about 14 people can lay on and stretch their legs out; it is one of the best things to find after dancing for hours.

If you come to Ruby early you will find the place pretty empty, but this makes the perfect opportunity to score cheaper entry, cheaper drinks and plenty of room on the circular lounge to catch up with your friends while listening to music and being up and away from the perils of the surfers paradise streets. From 11pm onwards you can expect the place to fill up.

Entry is easy on the pocket ranging from $5 early in the night and then up to $10 around 11pm. The drink prices are also very cheap, a spirit wont cost you much more than $8 and if you head there on a Thursday night (student night) you can catch $5 spirits.

The Ruby Tramp brings in some of the most stylish people on the coast. They are mostly around 18 to 25 year olds dancing to electronic tunes (every now and again you will catch some R’n’B – check the website to see what’s on) in the latest street style fashion. It’s is a dark place: you won’t find neon lights and Lady Gaga unless it’s remixed to the point you can’t recognise it anyway.

There is an upstairs at the Ruby Tramp but this is usually locked away for private functions. If you ever get the chance to get up there you will find the perfect place for a party. The entire upstairs has its own private bar and looks over the dance floor below.

I recommend the Ruby Tramp if you want to take your friends somewhere that will really amaze them. This club is like nothing else on the Coast and I’m sure that even though at the early hours of the night it may be a bit slow as the night goes on it will definitely impress them.

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