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The Quarie Bar And Brasserie

2 Macquarie Blvd, Hammond Park, WA
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The Quarie Bar + Brasserie is a place to meet friends and enjoy fine food, wine, beer and conversation. The Quarie opened its doors to a much anticipated reception and quickly established itself as a friendly stylish venue boasting a seriously impressive beer, wine and cocktail list that compliments a modern menu and amazing specials. The vibe is understated casual and cool. A contemporary style with an eclectic palate of finishes that creates an atmosphere of comfortable sophistication. You can laze old school Sunday session style surrounded by turf and trees in the spacious beer garden, enjoy high chair casual or seated service dining or maybe just relax in the cosy lounge area. There’s something for everyone.

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The Quarie Bar Review

Review by Zoe Nuku

Upon arriving at the Quarie, the first thing I noticed is that there is a lot of cars and it is extremely busy, which was rather assuring to me. Surely if so many people had decided to spend their night here, then it couldn’t be all that bad, and after spending some time there I started to find the place quite enjoyable.

When walking in, the lovely décor immediately attracted my attention, edgy and eclectic. Lights hanging from the ceiling created a soft glow which gave a great feel and look to the bar. The division of the different areas within the bar is a subtle one, with each area sporting its own distinctive bold furniture. My personal favourite are the large wooden bar tables and the only slightly smaller bar stools which are a great place to relax and have a drink with friends.

If the bar isn’t for you, the Quarie also has a seated dining area, lounge area and an outdoor beer garden catering for a vast range of people. When I saw the inside of the Quarie, at first I was worried I was going to be the youngest person there, however when I looked around properly I saw people aging from 18 to 50+. The young, the old, and even families can all come together for a bite to eat and a drink in a friendly venue. Although if you’re interested in eating in the seated dining area, I would make sure to book ahead, especially on the weekends, as it is quite popular area for families and functions, which my friends and I found out the hard way.

The drinks menu has an impressive range of wines, beers and ciders, all of which are available at a fairly reasonable price, and if you prefer something sweeter they also have a series of cocktails to choose from.

The food menu will leave your mouth watering before you have even ordered though you may be a bit hesitant when you look at the prices, you get what you pay for. From my chicken parmigiana, I can tell you the meal portions are huge and the food is delicious! I was left fully satisfied and with food still on the plate.

The atmosphere is warm and sophisticated, one of those bars where you can go and know you’ll enjoy yourself. The friendly bar staff also help make the Quarie an enjoyable place to spend your evening, with live acoustic music Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

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