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The Valley, Brisbane

The Met Nightclub

256 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
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A purpose built, state of the art, entertainment complex and nightclub comprising of 3 levels and 5 bars, the venue is spacious and can hold large events comfortably. The Met prides itself on a high standard of service and appearance with beautiful features such 24ct gold mosaic tiles and luscious seating.

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The Met Review

Review By Julia Roscoe

If you’re looking for a place with as many bars as you can count on one hand, and multiple dancefloors to cater for different music tastes, then look no further than The Met. Situated in the heart of The Valley, The Met is one of the places to be on a Friday or Saturday night.

If you’re lucky enough to get upstairs to the VIP area (and if you’re a gal, it’s more than likely you’ll be granted access) then it’s well worth asking one of the bartenders to mix you up a cocktail. Beware though, if you say you want a strong drink they will serve up something lethal!

The crowd is young and they’re all there for one thing; to party. And party is what they do best at The Met. Pulling in some major local and international DJs the dancefloor never disappoints (though the main room gets super packed). If you’re not a smoker, I’d suggest not venturing upstairs at all – it’s hot and overcrowded. It’s worth checking out the bottom level dancefloor though, for a slightly off centre mix of tunes and less people to shove you around. Careful you don’t get lost though – it’s quite easy, especially in the maze of caged booths. There is a cover charge on both Friday ($10) and Saturday nights ($15), but it’s well worth it, even just to check out the super luxe decor, and don’t forget to look up when you’re on the main floor, there are dancers in cages!

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A 2nd Review of The Met

Review By John Warwick

Hard dance tracks and fast-paced crowds. This is what The Met will deliver. This dance labyrinth is one of the most popular and visited clubs in Brisbane. Whether you’re a clubbing virgin, or a clubbing pro, The Met will always deliver a hard, fast paced and intoxicating night that will leave you wanting more.

Located in the centre of Fortitude Valley, The Met is the heart and soul of Brisbane’s nightlife. Its reputation for hosting some of the best local and international DJ’s makes it one of the best dance clubs in Brisbane. The crowd at The Met are young 18 – 25 year old clubbers ready to drink heaps and dance hard. If you’re one of those people who enjoy laidback drinks with friends, The Met is the last place to be. This chaotic dance sanctuary is for people who will dance until the sun rises.

During the day, The Met is unrecognisable on the quiet streets of the Valley. However, when night falls, this Avery inspired nightclub becomes one of the most iconic clubs in the valley with its loud beats and endless line. With three levels and five bars, The Met is a vast and intricate nightclub where you can easily lose yourself. The main dance floor is where most people go to try out their new dance moves. If you do not like watching the drunken clubbers grinding on the floor, look up at the elevated cages and check out some steamy dancing from The Met’s resident female dancers. If you are after a quiet moment with friends, or “friend”, the downstairs caged booths are a popular place to chat, catch up on drinks, or get some action (the last option is not recommended). If you’re lucky, you can go upstairs to the “Spy Room”, an exclusive VIP room that overlooks the main dance floor.

Though The Met is one of the most popular places to go to, it does come at a higher cost. Drinks are slightly more expensive at The Met so hit up some cheap bars before starting your night. There is also a cover charge after 10pm on Friday ($10) and Saturday ($15) nights. The best plan to avoid paying cover charge is to get in just before 10. If you are keen to hit up other clubs, wait inside until 10, head out and grab a stamp. When you decide to come back to The Met, you can bypass the cue and get in for free! More money spent on being wasted.

If you are after a club that hosts and plays some of the biggest local and international DJs that leave your ears ringing and a party atmosphere that makes you crave for more, The Met is the place to hit up on the weekend, and to hit hard.

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