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The Longroom

162-168 Collins St Melbourne, VIC
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A unique vision of style and service offering all those who enter a global experience unlike ever before. No expense has been spared to furnish and equip the venue, elevating the Longroom to the cult status it deserves. With a carefully conceived floorplan, the Longroom has been awarded

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The Longroom Review

Review By Marina Kociska

The Long Room is an iconic stylish bar scene located in the Georges Building on Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD. The venue is known for its profound style, and inimitable glamour, and is a place which is constantly busy, lively and full of character.

The Long Room sports comfortable decor, with numerous lounges and cosy seating areas located throughout the venue. The name of the venue is descriptive of its true arrangement, and exudes class with a mosaic style interior. The interior echoes Moroccan sunsets, cinnamon scents, and sizzling seductions. Expect to be pushed and shoved here, and anticipate feeling Louis Vuitton bags against your torso, and hearing the sound of ice-cubes hitting glasses, loud and proud profanity, and opulent laughter. The Long Room attracts a mixed-age group, and there is no entry fee.

This conspicuous and eye-catching interior is all it takes to make this venue a constant outing. On Friday and Saturday nights the Long Room kicks off the weekend with some of Melbourne’s best DJs and is definitely the place to be seen. Offering a sense of sophistication and prestige, it is expected that patrons do dress to impress! Most men arrive in suits, and women are elegantly endowed with cocktail dresses. It is usually a full house on Fridays, so schedule yourself in early!

The Long Room is famous for its striking party ambiance; however it also offers a la carte menus on weekdays as well as a rejuvenating place to indulge to delicious cuisine and quiet chit chatter. It is most definitely the ultimate venue for any occasion. Long Room’s extensive range of food and beverage menus offer that extra bit of uniqueness. Alongside the Japanese and Spanish influences, it truly does offer a fantastic selection of international food and beverage. The Long Room provides the perfect venue for every occasion including corporate functions, event after parties, weddings, birthday celebrations or even just dinner and drinks.

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A Second Review of The Longroom

Review by Stephanie Alban

It’s almost 10pm on a Saturday night as I approach the Georges building, situated in the classy end of Collins Street, where there are a few people waiting in line to enter The Long Room. After waiting for a few minutes, the surprisingly friendly and spirited bouncer lets me in, and I as enter the bar/restaurant I see that the venue lives up to its name. The spacious room is indeed elongated, filled with mature twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings, diners and night owls, sleekly dressed in neatly-pressed shirts and shimmering cocktail dresses. Boys and girls, this means no Chucks or tennis shoes for this strictly ‘Smart Casual’ dress code.

It’s a very modern and sophisticated venue with dark, elegant décor that correlate with gypsy-like embellishments and candle lights, along with substantial seating areas of comfy couches and relaxing dining areas. As you enter, on the left the bar is glowing and it stretches along the dimly-lit room. Behind the bar are a line of private rooms that occupy a separate level – for those who want some space for their intimate moments and conversations. The venue’s speakers are pumped with great pop and R&B; music (this includes Nelly, Lady Gaga, Usher and the new sound of Maroon 5), which the crowd tends to sing along with, as Pras Michel’s ’90s classic ‘Ghetto Superstar’ is playing – I haven’t heard this song for so long, I thought.

An hour into the night and the venue is getting a bit crowded, leaving little room for people to dance, yet the happy-drunk patrons are still enjoying themselves as they laugh and sing, holding onto their beers and cocktail drinks.

During the week, The Long Room mainly serves as a lavish restaurant that caters Spanish and Asian inspired meals at affordable prices (appetisers are under $11, main meals are under $22, and desserts are under $10 dollars). The bar serves an array of drinks at various prices, but the venue prides itself in its cocktail menu of house cocktails (all are $18), which includes a deliciously fresh Coconut and Mango Martini, and if you want to splash out and treat yourself there are premium cocktails (priced between $19 to $26) – plus, take advantage of their Thursday and Friday night offers as house cocktails are just $10!

This sophisticated venue is ideal for those who are looking for a fun, glamorous night out for celebratory drinks on a Friday or Saturday evening. And for those heading to the theatre (the Regent Theatre is across the street) or the movies (Collins Place’s Kino Cinemas is a couple of blocks away), then grab a drink and dine beforehand, let yourself indulge in the lush, yet easy-going atmosphere of The Long Room – did I mention that entry is free.

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