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St Kilda, Melbourne

The Local Taphouse

148 Carlisle St, St Kilda, VIC
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It’s touted as one of the best beer bars in the land, housing a phenominal range of local, and imported lagers, ales and more. With regularly featured new beers to take for a test run, The Local Taphouse is a must see venue for lovers of the amber liquid.

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The Local Taphouse Review

Review By Cassie Mckay

The weekend has arrived and work is over! I am just about to reach the exit door of freedom when suddenly I get a text message: Drinks, St Kilda, Local Taphouse, meet Asap! And with that I take a detour to St Kilda East down Carlisle Street; located near Melbourne’s iconic Luna Park and shopping district of Chapel Street.

Not knowing what I was looking for down Carlisle Street, I reached a Victorian style red brick building with a sign labelled ‘THE LOCAL’ and a statue of a beer being poured on tap hanging from the building, which I later find explains the drinks menu.

Once through the door I find myself on the first level to what is one of the three levels in total at the Local Taphouse. On the first level it is hard to not notice the decor of old leather styled couches and a fireplace; a mixture of an old western bar meets an antique store. Also available is a little stage for live acts as well as a decent sized bar with many seats surrounding it.

The second level is mainly for food & drinks where rows of dark wooden booths sit, each engraved with detailed patterns. You will also find a little section with a leather lounge suite for those who want to lay back. A big dark wooden bar sits to accommodate many wanting a beer or coffee before their meal.

The third and final level – also known as the terrace – is by far the cherry on top of this delicious sundae. Light wooden seats cover the walls with red plastic seats to cater for extra people; a roofless area great for smokers and the views of blue skies and starry nights. The best time to see the terrace is at night with an outdoor fireplace to add some warmth to the chilly weather and candles that fill the terrace like fire flies.

Deciding to wait on the terrace for my friends who are yet to arrive, I first approach the bar on the first level. Let me tell you – if you’re looking for a large range of beers then you must come to the Local Taphouse; with 20 beers on tap and eager staff to enlighten you with a mini lesson you cannot go wrong!

The drinks menu has so much to offer that you cannot help but be curious to try everything, which means a taxi should be on speed dial. Prices of drinks range from $5 to $40 majority affordable unless you go for a customized cocktail or a bottle of wine.

Food at the Local Taphouse is rustic and simple with delicious wood fire pizzas, burgers and fresh fish & chips. At the Local Taphouse you won’t find chocolate souffles & shrimp cocktails, but you will find quality pub-style recipes with affordable prices ranging from $6 to $30.

The Local Taphouse is open 7 days a week until 1am, which means you can find anyone there from early 20s to late 70s. When I was there I was surround by many people heading over after work, as well as a lot of older men having their usual Friday night pub catch up. Because that there is a restaurant area at the Local Taphouse I did see a few young kids with their parents having an early dinner, but not many being that the place is mainly known for its range of beers and live music. At the Local Taphouse you can book for functions or enjoy the regular live music performers and comedy acts, all available on their site and blog to check out.

I would describe my multiple experiences at the Local Taphouse to be… well, great! If the ambience of dim lighting and the live sounds of a guitar being strung with a cold drink in your hands is what you’re looking for, then you should take the hike down to the Local Taphouse.

I guarantee you won’t regret it…I didn’t.

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