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The Lark Cocktail Lounge

1/267 Given Tce, Paddington, QLD
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Paddington’s multiple award-winning restaurant bar, The Lark Food & Drink, certainly lives up to its name. Established by top international bartender, Perry Scott in a converted colonial styled cottage (circa 1888), The Lark is a unique, carefree adventure of taste sensations – from the European styled food to the boutique wine list, to the famous, inventive cocktails and high-end whisky.

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The Lark Cocktail Lounge Review

Review By Tiffany Bridger

The Lark Food & Drink cocktail lounge is a hospitable gem amongst the clutter of thrift shops, small businesses and homely restaurants that line downtown Paddington.

With a handful of modest wooden bar stools and tables at its entrance, passers-by, if not paying attention, could miss the comfortably classy decor that The Lark so defines. That is; grand draping curtains, lush cushions, dark stained wooden fixtures and ambient, old fashioned lamps. Luckily though, passers-by will always be paying attention, because these outside stools are never empty.

Living up to its name – ‘lark’ meaning to behave playfully, to enjoy a carefree adventure – The Lark boasts a constantly inviting atmosphere. If it isn’t the music that gets you in (ranging from smooth jazz to lounging alternative to some fairly new indie tunes), or the rainbow of ice-cold beverages you see in patrons’ hands, it will more than likely be one of the various taste-sensation scents floating in your direction.

While the lounge is remembered for its extensive cocktail list, its strikingly boutique beers and wines, and its high-end offerings of Whiskey, it will equally draw your attention towards the food menu. Who knew it was possible to be extravagant while grazing on tapas? With a large selection of deliciously European themed dishes, including an array of cured meats, seafood, quesadillas and chips with a choice of the surprisingly delectable ‘tomato beer sauce’, it’s going to be difficult keeping your hands to your own meal. In fact, given previous history of food wars, the menu is now designed for sharing (which also makes The Lark’s mid-range drinks and food prices a little less noticeable).

On an average evening, guests to the cocktail lounge will range from couples or small groups in their mid-thirties enjoying a late afternoon beer or pre-dinner wine and entree. Later in the evening a younger crowd will form and the cocktail list is usually off being studied with resulting ‘um’s and ah’s.’ If you’re having trouble choosing, the bar staff will notice. Unquestionably expert in flavour-knowledge, all you need to do is throw some of your preferred drink additions their way – sweet/salty/fruity/dry etc. Don’t have a clue where to start of what you feel like? Doesn’t matter. They have recommendations they’re dying for you to try just waiting on the tips of their tongues.

On busier evenings, guests can wander on upstairs if this space hasn’t already been booked for functions. More old-worldly, colonial furnishings and comfy velvet cushions await your presence. Even the bathrooms have a little something memorable to offer with tiny Lark birds peeking out from the fittings.

Stylish, relaxing and cheeky, The Lark Food & Drink cocktail lounge invites you to open your senses and try something new – they may even name a cocktail after you. Don’t miss out. Start your night a little earlier and give it a go.

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