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The Garden

742 Newcastle St, Leederville, WA
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Situated next to the Leederville Hotel, The Garden serves a range of food, wines, and boutique beers, as well as signature Pimms and Belvedere jugs. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Garden is the ideal venue for any hour of the day.

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The Garden Bar Review

Review by Katherine Loughnan

Mixing the old with the new is what I thought of The Garden. This trendy bar accommodates for a very wide age bracket, which makes it an interesting night. Situated on Newcastle street, The Garden is in the heart of one of Perth’s upcoming suburbs, Leederville. For something ‘out of the square’ and entertaining, I recommend going to The Garden.

For a summer night, this outdoor bar has the perfect set up. It is quite complex with plenty of different areas and a big square bar in the middle full of helpful staff. There are areas of high chairs and tables for those who want to share a few tapas and dishes (ranging from $5 to $40) and drinks. Serving no spirits, it’s evident through the beers and wines on offer that this bar is intended for older crowds compared to the younger crowds at The Leederville Hotel next door. My personal favourite was a pint of the apple cider for $11. If you’re desperate for spirits and willing to share, the Pimms jugs for $45 seem like the way to go. With a few different flavours to choose from, the jugs looked popular amongst customers.

The atmosphere at The Garden is very unique. Up above are screens playing movies and down below is a DJ playing some cool tunes. It almost feels like a house party in someone’s backyard. Just like a house party, there is no entry fee which means more money is spent on the bar.

For young girls, this bar can be quite uncomfortable. Most of the time, there are more men than women and more mature aged women than young girls. So when groups of young girls walk through the Garden, heads turn and male ego’s kick into gear. It’s what makes a night at The Garden quite funny and unique. There are not many bars where such wide age brackets continue to show up night after night.

I wouldn’t recommend staying at The Garden for an entire night but for a place to kick start the night, it does the job. For older crowds, staying at the Garden till midnight is probably enough. But for young guns, head across the street to clubs such as The Manor or Double Lucky for a good time. Leederville has a great atmosphere and is pumping on Saturday nights. It is definitely one of Perth’s must see hot spots!

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A Second Review of The Garden Bar

Review By Ashley Huston

The Garden has the potential to be a great Perth bar, particularly in the summer. Sadly, though, it falls short. Situated next door to the Leederville Hotel on Newcastle Street, The Garden has worked hard to attract a different kind of clientele. There are no spirits served in this bar; it’s strictly beer and wine in order to discourage the rowdy teenagers looking get wild.

With a bar in the centre of a multi-tiered beer garden, the open airy atmosphere of The Garden should make it a great hangout, particularly as the weather warms up and the days get longer. However, the large tree that casts dappled shade over many tables is also the nesting place of many birds. Sitting underneath them is risky and in the few hours I spent here sitting at a table under an alternate shade more than one person fell victim to bird poo. There is an indoor sitting area and the cool breeze from outside still passes through maintaining the bars open atmosphere; this is a much safer place to sit, but sadly it does mean missing out on basking in the sun with a beer.

The prices for drinks can run high possibly to further discourage younger patrons: It’s about $18 for a pint of Hoegarden and a little over $10 for pint of Golden Ale. Mondays and Tuesdays have half priced pizzas and these are your safest bet for food. The food isn’t bad but it isn’t great either. It’s unfortunate that the high prices and average food are in such juxtaposition with the fabulous atmosphere that the open space creates. The bar staff and friendly and while sometimes the wait can be long they always let you know that they have seen you waiting and will get to you as soon as possible.

The Garden is popular for a quite drink and catch up or for those working in the Leederville area for celebrations after work. The patrons are mostly aged between 20 and 40 years old and are all there to hang out with friends or have a few drinks before heading on to Leederville’s nightclubs. Despite drink prices, patrons seem happy to be outside with friends and a cold drink.

While The Garden could fast become one of Perth’s best summer bars it has a little work to do first. The quality of food, while acceptable, is disappointing and the drinks vary between fair and overpriced. Hopefully this bar steps up its game before summer hits because it has all the making of a fabulous bar, it just needs a little polishing.

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