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The Factory

445 Toorak Rd, Toorak, VIC
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The Factory is at one of Melbourne’s newer and most amazing 4.5 million dollar venue underneath Toorak village on Toorak Road, Toorak. Providing you with more than just DJs – live acts and more to give you real experiences!

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The Factory Nightclub Review

Review By Melissa Zheliba

I’ve been to nightclub heaven.

It’s open on a Thursday night and becomes host to mere mortals looking for a weekday alternate to reality. $20 at the door absolves you of any indulgent sins and allows you to wander freely among the divinity, if only till dawn. Toorak’s new kid on the block, “The Factory” has already earned itself high esteem from Melbourne’s young and beautiful clubbing connoisseurs despite being only a recent addition to the providers of mid week madness. But its not all just hype and heresy, Factory’s given a new meaning to ‘baby steps’ and is taking the attention all in its stride, yet moving upwards in leaps and bounds. The Factory offers a pre weekend revival that reinstates a gratitude for the luxuries you receive for being over 18.

Bring yourself back to life: it’s to die for.

Heaven is a dimly lit, multi-levelled establishment with three separate dance spaces, bars that line the walls and laser lights. Under the guise of a local shopping arcade, The Factory proves that angels walk amongst us. If looks could kill, you would certainly find your life short lived. Yes, your inclinations are true Factory naturally comes with an aspect of exclusivity and being granted entrance is not easy. To try and smooth the way it’s advisable to surround yourself with lots of girls and arrive early. Lest you be subject to painful cues and disappointment, idle hands are the devils play things?

More than just a nightclub, The Factory offers an experience. The main dance floor resembles an arena like setup. There is an audible rejoice from the dancers to the DJ’s as popular disco hymns are turned into live, onstage performances by bands. Drinks are righteously priced, averaging at around $5. The venue is vast and versatile, however not particularly accessible. It’s easy to get lost in heaven, but it is almost a certainty at Factory.

It’s a somewhat immoral and unbelievable description to relate the devils playground, Melbourne’s party scene, to a gospel and holey sanctuary. But once you have tasted paradise, your Thursday nights will be religiously devoted to The Factory.


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