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Beaufort St, Perth

The Ellington Jazz Club

191-193 Beaufort Street, Perth, WA
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World class Jazz, quality beverages, excellent service, great tapas and light meals in this chic, sophisticated New York style Jazz Club. Dress code is smart casual to cocktail attire. All table and bar prices quoted are per person. Your party may consist of any number of people within our capacity limit. The service style at The Ellington is table-serviced cabaret and also general standing/bar service. The music programme will feature the finest touring acts and the cream of Australian Jazz talent. The Ellington is open 6-7 nights per week (Some Mondays, Tues-Sun) until 1am weeknights, 3am weekends and 12am Sunday.

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The Ellington Jazz Club Review

Review By Cassandra Auzin

With the royal wedding of Kate and Wills sealed with a kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and my stomach packed full of fish fingers and French fries, I figured a Friday night was a good a time as any to visit one of Perth’s newest clubs; the infamously avoided-by-the-younger-set Ellington Jazz Club.

Arriving just after nine O’clock without an escort (due to his need to build a shed the next morning, apparently), the tables were completely full and after shelling out $20 due to there being a special band in (normally $15 for table, $10 for standing), I found myself trying to find a spot near the bar that didn’t block the view of another. When I did eventually find one, I was tussled aside by a rather glamorous thirty-something-year-old couple trying to order drinks and exiled to the corner of the bar that smelt suspiciously of turps.

The club screams New York jazz club. I know; I went to many when I was over there a few years back. The sleek dark colours, wooden extensions and crushingly intimate size made it seem authentic, even if the twenty-something jazz-geeks beside me didn’t. The club is full of late thirty-somethings and above. The occasional younger person who actually knows all things jazz appears, but seemed too caught up in his own world to notice much else but his drink and the music.

Speaking of drinks – they’re extremely well priced. No wines over $15 a glass (and big glasses too), no beers over $10 and cocktails ranging from $15-$25. The food ranges from pizzas to tapas plates to salads with nothing hitting over $25 and decently sized.

Following a collective of more knowledgeable folks, I found my way upstairs to the second bar, which was completely empty of people bar two others canoodling in the corner. Two function rooms connect to it, one of which was jam packed. The same sleek design followed, but there seemed to be more room upstairs (whether due to lack of people, I couldn’t tell). All in all, the place can only accommodate 250 maximum, or so the advertising said. If you can, make a run for upstairs upon arrival and enjoy the company of the television and sound system feeding the band up to you rather than deal with the hard-core enthusiasts seeking musical enlightenment and hogging all the chairs. The couches upstairs are much more comfortable.

The music is authentic jazz, and for those not quite soul-minded, you will probably recognize a lot of the stuff played if you ever received a blasting of any during your younger years from your grandparents and parents. You might not know the names, but it will bring back the memories. Just don’t expect to get your groove on; this place is about serious jazz and standing still with eyes closed seemed on the agenda.

The atmosphere is cozy and chic, but if you’re looking for loud and proud, go somewhere else. The Ellington is a true jazz club that isn’t looking to attract the rambunctious younger crowds but give solace to those wanting a romantic or relaxing night out. I do recommend booking ahead though, or you might find yourself figuring out where that turps smell is coming from.

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