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The Causeway Bar

243 Albany Highway, Victoria Park
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The Causeway is a newly renovated & refurbished venue with two bars in full function. The main room holding 150 people with a DJ booth & dance stage. There is also an outdoor alfresco area for those who want to have a drink while watching the sun go down. The back room is a more relaxing area with couches spread across a space holding 100 people. The back alfresco area is a place to go for some sun with astro-turf covering the area.

Victoria Park has never had a bar where a younger demographic can go to have a dance, enjoy drinks at reasonable prices & socialise. Cocktails, beers, slushies, spirit mixes and more are on the drinks menu with 10 different styles of pizza, chips & wedges available if you get hungry while enjoying the atmosphere that is

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The Causeway Bar Review

Review by James Boston

It’s normal for bars to have something you can fault them on: it’s too small, it’s too dirty, the crowd’s too old, it’s too expensive or it’s too far away. Really there are few bars in Perth that can say they have all their bases covered; the Causeway is one of these bars.

The Causeway is a newly refurbished bar found just over the Victoria Park causeway. You can easily drive past this small looking venue, but once inside the bar just keeps going back. It has three separate areas depending on what you feel like doing. Walking through the front doors you are looking at the main bar and the dance floor, with DJ’s pumping out hits for people to get their grind on. If you continue straight through the bar you end up in a corridor which leads to a sitting area and secondary bar. This place is perfect to have a chat, catch-up with friends and get a few cheeky drinks. Finally there is a small outside area, where you can get some air and cool down if needed. The Causeway definitely isn’t too small.

Being a new bar, the Causeway has put every effort into making it look memorable. With local artist Deak Williams designing their graffiti art feature wall on the main dance floor. The whole venue has conflicting ideas with its laneway-graffiti, street-party look but its non-sticky floors and shiny white bars. You can’t fault it on being too dirty.

The Causeway’s crowd follows on from the venue’s vibe with casual clothes allowed and graffiti art bringing in 18 to 25 year olds. Even though the bar is only open till 12 on a Friday and Saturday night, it doesn’t stop the crowd from making it a party from the moment you step inside. The DJ’s change over after one hour sets and this variety means you can be sure the dance floor will be cranking from nine o’clock onwards. At the Causeway, the crowd is not too old.

For drinks, you are looking at $8 for a standard shot and mixer with pints varying from $8 and up. This seems the average drink prices for most places in Perth but the bonus being Causeway has no entry fee. Giving you at least ten dollars to spend on more alcohol. Not too expensive, check!

However the location is where people would fault the Causeway. Why would you go to a Vic Park bar that doesn’t stay open all night and is far away from all of Perth’s main nightclubs? Lucky they thought of that! When it hits midnight and everyone in Perth is struggling to get a taxi ride to the city, The Causeway has hired a party bus that takes you to Capitol and Amplifier. And the best bit of it all, it’s 100% free. So even if The Causeway is a stretch for you to get to, who says no to a free party bus? This place is makes up for too far away!

Honestly never have I said before ‘Let’s start every night out here’ and actually meant it. Cheap drinks, brand new bar, good crowd, great music and a free freaking party bus! If you can fault the Causeway, you just don’t want to be happy.

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