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The Avenue

12/20 St Quentin Ave, Claremont
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Avenue is Claremonts best kept secret! A stylish, small and exclusive cocktail bar located on St Quentin Ave where members literally have their name engraved on the front door Members Plaque to avoid waiting in line.

Perfect for small functions, delicious cocktails with friends or a complimentary affagato after your dinner at one of Claremonts fine restaurants, the quality staff at Avenue look forward to providing you with their superior knowledge and service.

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The Avenue Review

Review by Lucas Bache

Secretly located in-between its luxury shops, cafes and restaurant, the Avenue Nightclub is one of Claremont best kept secret. Functions are the most often held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 11pm, but after then, the place opens to the public and becomes, for a $15 entry fee, a dynamic and funky venue where you and your friends can have a good night out.

Once having passed the bouncers and door ladies, you can easily tell with a quick look around that the place is not that big. One bar, a small dance floor, a dozen of seats and tables and a tight open balcony constitute the totality of the Avenue’s size. After midnight, the place gets crowded.

The crowd of the Avenue is mostly composed of people with a certain interest for good music, great cocktails, and fashion, with an average age of 25. Older groups are also present but clearly in minority. A strict formal dress code is applied there, with dress shoes and collar shirts preferable for men, dresses and heels for women.

The decoration adopts a semi-formal style, with walls made of waxed wood and dark-carpeted floors. If smokers there are, the only area that is allowed to smoke in is the balcony. The music goes from exotic soundwaves to modern electronic beats, which will surely make your body shaking. It is also not unusual to hear a 70s disco or early 90s pop-rock song in-between those.

The Avenue’s best asset still remains in its various range of cocktails at a correct price, going from $14 for a “Jagermulester” (Jagermeister mixed with Ginger beer) to $17 for a special Avenue-made cocktail, the Avenue Espresso Martini, wherein Mozart Black Chocolate liquor and a shot espresso perfectly mates with Mount Gay XO and Licor 43 for one of the most unique drinking experience in Perth. However, prices for “normal drinks”, such as a classic whisky and coke glass, are pretty high: $10.

Even if not as big as many of Perth’s bars and nightclubs, the Avenue backs off with its unique range of cocktails and its quiet and formal vibes. If you do not want the night to get crazy and wild, but still want your vibes on with a couple of good drinks and music, the Avenue will surely fill up your needs.

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