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Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Swingin Safari

2945 Surfers Paradise Bvd, Surfers Paradise, QLD
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Expect something totally different, slightly bohemian, charismatic, ‘grown up’; a feel that’s just on the stylish side of tacky, a retro-chic antithesis of that minimalists modern look. Set in an original Queensland Beachouse it offers 7 different themed rooms or areas for private parties dinners corporate functions and fun. So in the gallery images on this site you can see what we mean by Bruce Les Bar, the Parlour [ which doubles as a stage for live bands or comedy eg: Funk on a Thursday nite ] , the lounge [ which doubles as a dance floor on a Saturday Night ], the Library, front balcony and lawn, mexico or the back patio.

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Swingin Safari Review

Review By Sophie Lane

Culture clad, bohemian, vintage and just a little bit quirky, ‘Swinging Safari’ is everything you expect a Queensland based venue not to be. Set on Surfers Paradise Boulevard amongst tacky, tinsy strip joints and even tackier, tinsier strip jerks, Swinging Safari is a much needed kick in the arse to the queasy Queensland clubbing subculture.

After repeating the words ‘Swinging Safari’ multiple times to your driver, prepare to join him in sobriety-based confusion as you approach the questionable location. A weatherboard house surrounded by cars only ever seen in your very own baby album (it’s time to put it into storage Mum, really), convinces you of it’s identity with a large wooden sign reading ‘Swinging Safari’ on the front lawn.

A barely-there bouncer barely persuades you that you’re at the right place, and with a flash of your ID and a much welcomed free entry, you’re in.

Crowds of people stir between bushes and low voltage coloured globes invite you inside.

What looks like the interior of a seedy beach house greets you, and as crowds swarm around the one and only bar, a young, heavily tattooed bartender creates shots with names that are impossible to pronounce.

Up a flight of stares the ‘lounge room’ offers floor boards ready for stomping. Sounds of The Smiths and The Beatles progress through to Foster The People and Kanye West. Every few sets a saucy samba is played and women who look like your alcoholic Aunt decide it’s the perfect time for a one on one tutorial. Prepare for that potential hook-up to be ruined.

The kitchen serves pita pizzas late into the night, putting the suburban palace’s dining room to good use.The backyard patio supplies an outdoor wardrobe, shelving enough dress ups to enable your intoxicated self several costume changes throughout the night- and also enabling that ever allusive creep-aversion with ease- just be sure to change polka-dot shoulder padded dresses in privacy.

Swinging Safari takes everything you know about Queensland nightlife and destroys it with culture, taste, and 1970’s wallpaper.

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A 2nd Swingin Safari Review

Review By Katrina Filewood

The Swingin’ Safari has to be the most unique club I have ever stepped foot in. After heading there about 10pm on a Saturday I was ready to see why everyone had been talking about “The Swingin’ Safari”.

Getting to the front door and having to pay NOTHING was definitely a bonus and as I walked inside I was actually blown away.

On the outside this looks like your regular old style run-of-the-mill beach house (which is what it used to be back in the fifties). The decor in this place is the complete opposite of any nightclub I have ever entered.

It looks like you just walked into one of the best house parties ever. There are random couches, tables and chairs, coffee tables and windows inside this old house. There are amazing artworks all over the walls. The front yard sported a collection of plastic chairs and tables, even deck chairs for guests to get a moon tan. This club instantly reminded me of Byron Bay with its laid-back atmosphere and trendy customers.The average person was around 21 to 29 and while some were looking very casual, others were dressed to nine’s. The crowd was clearly not there to listen to hang banging techno or RnB. It was more tech house music and great to dance to.

I was also glad to discover that drinks were super cheap at just $7.50 for a basic spirit.

If you are over the club scene and want to experience something different then I highly recommend The Swingin’ Safari.

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