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Welcome to Supermild, Adelaide’s finest late night venue of the west end. Keep in check with all the latest going ons from gigs, parties and other super events right here. Also, the new cocktail menu has arrived so make sure to drop in for a tasty delight. Or ten.

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Review of Supermild

Review By Nick Peters

The culture clash that Supermild contains is one that should theoretically be a train wreck, but actually provides just what Adelaide’s nightlife needs. Its clever promotion, quirky bar and late closing hours have seen this little door on Hindley Street’s west end become more than an institution, it’s family. It’s your home away from home, except your mum and dad have been replaced hip twenty-somethings.

There are no drinks on tap, but hey that’s half the charm and all the better for the palate. Everyone knows beer tastes better out of the bottle, and beer tastes even better when it’s out of a really big bottle. When someone in Adelaide says longneck people think Supermild, because the underground lounge is synonymous with 750ml Coopers at very reasonable prices. It’s a token of stereotypical suburban culture perfectly transplanted into this inner-city setting. As for mixers no taps means you get coke and lemonade straight out of the can, and though you’ll pay a little bit more for you the taste makes it completely worthwhile.

True the decor has probably seen better days and bathroom facilities are liable to be broken or falling apart, but then this is off-set by fancy cocktails and the DJ spinning an ultra cool assortment of funk, soul, Latin, ’60s pop and also fresh indie tunes. To say that Supermild oozes character would be an understatement. Staying open till 5am, Fridays and Saturdays are conventionally the lounge bar’s biggest nights, and as it continues to grow in popularity there will be a lineup most weekends. However it also provides a mid-week alternative as it kicks on late with an assortment of live acts and DJs on Wednesday and Thursdays.

Supermild plays to its strengths and keeps the locals happy, but although it sounds pretentious and exclusive it’s actually extremely diverse and accepting. For regulars there’s always the knowledge that you’ll see a familiar face, and for the Super virgins there’s the quaint, relaxed beer garden to get acquainted with some new friends.

The reality is that a dimly-lit lounge bar lying below the Hindley Street sidewalk won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but for many it’s the equal tonic to a treacherous winter’s night and a gorgeous summer outing.

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A 2nd Review of Supermild

Review by Alice McKenzie

Situated just off Light Square, this underground gem sparkles on a Friday night. Wander down the dingy steps and before you spreads a hazy lounge. The atmosphere is seedy but soulful. It’s a sanctuary compared to much of the other competition of the West End, but tainted with a dark edge.

A chilled out DJ is on the decks to one side, and if no one’s around he’ll take a request or two. A real hit with the crowds due to a quirky blend of old school pop and indie tunes, but don’t expect the same guy next week as fresh talent is often brought in. Straight through the lounge area occupied by newly acquainted couples and raucous groups of friends lies the modest bar with a surprisingly immodest line up. Lit up as a beacon amongst the dim surroundings, there’s no excuse not to flock towards it. Staff are accommodating and there’s a self-serve water station, so no long queues behind the masses just for rehydration.

A discreet doorway reveals a winding maze as the only route to the beer garden; no easy feat with an armful of drinks. But be assured; the trek is worth it, with the rowdy quad forming the beating heart of this venue. This place really has the vibe of just hanging out at a mate’s place as the paved garden is reminiscent of a back yard. The lack of refined furnishings adds to the homely feel and the retro vibe attracts the hipsters of Adelaide.

Supermild caters to a wide range, with artsy twenty-somethings congregating for late night beers, while the younger, energetic crowds invade after midnight to transform this intimate lounge into a vibrant bar. If you’re looking for a relaxed break from the clubs, but still tunes to groove to, then Supermild is the go. You’ll probably run into someone you know, and the best part is that it’s free from fist pumping under agers and blaring chart music. There are decent deals at promoted events but few fixed drink specials. Go to the bar and order a long neck and you’ll be deemed a regular. As well as the flowing beer, expect a couple of cocktails on the menu. The $5 entry fee for Friday and Saturday nights is worth the welcome relief that is Supermild.

This is one of those easygoing bars that can be a stop along the way or a destination in itself. A cosy group hang out that caters for everyone with a lively dance floor, couch area, bar and beer garden. Be sure to check out the next event at Supermild for an ace night out.

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