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Sunset Bar

Shop 4/12 Holdfast Promenade, Glenelg North, SA
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A local hotspot in the beachside suburb of Glenelg, Sunset Bar represents the relaxed yet stylish watering hole of choice for Adelaide’s beach bums. Overlooking both the Indian Ocean and a stunning marina, it’s obvious why this venue is a hit with the locals and visitors alike.

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What to Expect @ Sunset Bar

By Jessica O’Reilly

Alright all you beautiful beach bums, this one’s for you. Should you find yourself stuck on Glenelg’s gorgeous marina trying to decide which tantalising, swanky restaurant to choose from, skip them all and head up the end to Sunset Bar.

Set in the heart of Adelaide’s iconic Holdfast Bay, Sunset Bar provides a trendy, happening destination for the beachside equivalent of clubbers. Stretching from the marina to the oceanfront itself, each end of the bar offers a picturesque setting. Outdoor seating comes with the option of a view of either a myriad of shiny, expensive pleasure craft, or the Indian Ocean itself. In the cooler months, the indoors can handle a large amount of people too sober to bear the winter chill with the openly spaced interior housing a lengthy bar and several sections to which groups of patrons can lay claim. The obligatory nautical theme is present, but only in a subtle way and shunning any cliches.

Whether you’re sitting outside the entrance and envying the assortment of vessels moored below or perched at the opposing end basking in the oceanic glory, the laidback beach vibe encloses the bar and its patrons, making it obvious to any newcomer as to why Sunset Bar is a favourite with Adelaide locals. Sunny days and smooth beats courtesy of the resident DJ contribute to the relaxed, happy vibes that course through the space, putting everyone at ease to take advantage of the beachside bar. If you don’t make it early enough to catch the last of the sunlight, you can settle for arriving at a destination already in full swing thanks to its natural atmosphere. Sundays are especially worth spending at Sunset Bar. It’s a given that such a locale is a popular post-weekend wind down spot and for some, the perfect way to end the weekend with a resounding bang.

Typically, those sending off their weekend with such force are the young’uns who can still handle it, representing the 18 year olds and the early 20 something’s. They can be seen strutting the length of the marina, bearing down on Sunset Bar with intent so if you’re recovery session is in danger of transforming into a repeat of the previous night, you’ve got plenty of time to finish your cider and leave with your liver intact. On the other hand, the bar is still well – regarded with anyone outside the age group of ‘invincible’, but in particular those in their 20’s.

The decadent cocktail menu can be held responsible for luring in any sceptics, with delicious mixtures such as the Snickers Bar at a standard $16 helping Sunset to stand out with its impressive presentation and heavenly taste. Bright colours and irresistible names make the cocktail menu hard to ignore, with prices remaining around the $15 mark. The wine list sees prices ranging from $7 – $11 per glass and $28 – $53 by the bottle. Celebratory French champagne is also available for $99 or $120 per bottle. Aside from drink prices, one of the best things about Sunset Bar is free entry – all the time.

So, we’ve got a beachside location, ocean views, a very aesthetically pleasing marina on one side, incredible cocktails, free entry and happy people all at the one place. Who could say no to that? Even for those not looking to get carried away with the drinks, Sunset Bar is a great place to relax with friends in an environment that is symbolic of ‘The Bay’ and unique to Adelaide’s social scene.

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