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Star Bar

160 Clarendon St, South Melbourne, VIC
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One of Melbourne’s premier entertainment venues. With entertainment ranging from Australia’s leading cover bands to the hottest DJ’s and special event touring acts, the Star can cater to all your party needs. The Star is open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, so come and see why everyone is talking about us!

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Review By Molly Wilson

Who doesn’t love a Sunday session? There is nothing more relaxing than catching up with some friends over beverages. South Melbourne’s Star Bar is the perfect place to meet with friends over a few drinks and spend the day chilling out before the dreaded Monday return to work. Now from experience, most people tend to pub-crawl on Sundays, my intentions started off with this idea. However upon entering Star Bar, I was far too satisfied with the venue, music and drinks to be bothered to get up and find the next destination. Everyone knows the following are key to a perfect Sunday Funday:

Location: When spending a Sunday drinking, it’s important you find a great place to catch up and chill out with friends. South Melbourne’s Star Bar, located on 160 Claredon Street, meets the perfect example of a great venue for a session. Star Bar is one of Melbourne’s premier entertainment venues and is open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

Venue: A great set up is also important – nobody wants to sit around in a seedy looking bar or outdoor area – people need a lively atmosphere. Star Bar’s setup meets all requirements – there is a wide space for dancing (for those of you who love to get rowdy) and an elegant bar with a stylish décor. There is a rooftop courtyard, which is beautiful to sit at on a warm night (also something that is needed when drinking with nice weather), which looks over the streets of South Melbourne. Star Bar also provides plenty of seating from the likes of comfortable couches to seats and stools. Overall the atmosphere of the venue is welcoming and bright.

Scene: People want to drink in places that invite people of the same age. Star Bar’s audience age varied from early twenties to late thirties and the odd occasion of some slightly older. Needless to say if you aren’t a fan of freshly eighteen year olds – fear not. Star Bar’s scene is well suited to its venue.

Music: Now, as many of you all know, any Sunday session needs good music to keep the session lively. Star Bar’s entertainment ranges from cover bands, touring acts and casual music. Every “Sunday funday” at Star Bar features DJs and artists, fulfilling all your music needs.

Drinks: Obviously the most important aspect of a Sunday session is the beverage. People sometimes find prices of bars in Melbourne too steep – well I have great news for you – Star Bar offers $6 basic spirits on a Sunday, which is enough motivation for one to get up and by themselves a drink.

All in all, Star Bar is the perfect destination and hosts the perfect Sunday session, or as Star Bar refer to it, their Sunday Funday. If you happen to be walking the streets of South Melbourne, take a look in Star Bar it will be well worth the visit.

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