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Star Bar

600 George St, Sydney, NSW
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Cater to all your entertainment needs under the one roof with a collection of well-designed areas located over three levels. For after work drinks, a quick lunch, social-club event, game of pool, meeting place, prime sports viewing, night out, or any celebration Star Bar is your ultimate destination.

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What To Expect @ Star Bar

Review by Shauna O’Carroll

You know you have hit a winner of place when you stop in for a quick pre-drink with friends and are still there hours later, pumping out the dance moves on the dance floor. This, my friends, is Star Bar.

Located in the heart of Sydney city on George St, Star Bar hosts a huge venue, cheap drinks, good food and is great for a good night out. With three massive levels there is something for everyone here to enjoy.

For quiet conversation and chilled time you should head to the bottom level as it has more privacy. The main bar is located on the middle level and is where the boys can play a few rounds of pool whilst the girls have a few drinks.

The top floor has some of the most interesting decor I have ever seen in a club with movie memorabilia covering the place. After having a few vodkas it can be quite alarming to suddenly come eye to eye with a monkey statue from the Planet of the Apes!

The top level also has an absolutely huge dance floor that plays mainstream pop, RnB and dance music from the last 20 years. Being a ‘90s child, it was really fun to dance to some of the music I grew up with. If you are hungry as well you can also order some cheap food from the top level (last time I got a steak for under $10), so you can always head here for dinner as well. The service is quick and the staff are very friendly, I was quite impressed.

With drinks in Sydney bars being quite pricey, Star Bar boasts schooners and spirits under $5 every day from 5 -11pm. However, the bartenders sometimes need reminding of the time, so make sure you check your watch so you don’t get charged full price for drinks during happy hour. The bar can also get really packed, which can be annoying having to continually go back to get drinks. I suggest buying in bulk once you do get served so you don’t have to keep going back.

This place is perfect if you don’t have too much money to spend, and being an almost broke uni student I find this place perfect to have a big night out whilst spending as little as possible. But when going here remember you get what you pay for, so don’t go in expecting the finest drinks and food or you will walk out disappointed. It is one of those places you may plan to only pop in for a little while and end up leaving hours later, they say time flies when you are having fun!

Star Bar is fun to stop by for after work drinks, a quick lunch and cheap pre-drinks, and is a place you may find yourself dancing away in all night long.

Review posted 30/10/2020

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A 2nd Look @ Star Bar

Review by Kelly Teng

If there is one place where $20 can get you completely drunk for a night without having to deal with disgusting seats and tables, it’s Star Bar. Having been to Star Bar multiple times for multiple reasons (steaks, catching up, pre-drinks and so on), I can truly say that it is one of my favourite places to hang out for minimal cost without having to compromise atmosphere.

Star Bar has three levels: the upper is mainly for dining which makes it a good place to go for a quick bite, the middle level is where the main bar is, and the bottom level is more comfortable for a quieter conversation, or for more privacy. While I personally enjoy spending my time at the level with the main bar, I have spent plenty of time on every other level and must say that I enjoy them equally for their different purposes.

The top level provides cheap meals (last time I ate there it was $9.95 steak) that are great for a catch-up or a quick, affordable dinner. The staff are friendly and the food comes out quickly, so don’t be worried about being hungry for too long. You can either eat in the middle of the room, or pick one of the booths on the sides if you want more privacy…and for the record, the food is pretty great for the price that you pay for.

However, the real gem of Star Bar lies in its main floor. The bar provides Happy Hour: $3.80 drinks every day from 5pm until 11pm, so it’s a great place to unwind after work, or if you want to get a few drinks into you before heading out to other bars and nightclubs. The only drawback I found with this Happy Hour is that Star Bar doesn’t serve jugs of beer, which means that you have to return time and time again in order to buy another beer. Star Bar’s main floor also offers pool tables for a quick game (or for guys trying to get closer to girls they’re hitting on), and there is enough space between the seats to ensure that girls can dance to a few songs if they’ve had enough to drink.

Star Bar’s music provides a range of mainstream hits from the last ten or so years, so don’t go here if you’re looking for techno, trance, or anything indie. The last time I went there, I heard songs such as Let Me Blow Ya Mind by Eve and Gwen Stefani, and I Know You Want Me by Pitbull (just to indicate that when I said ‘a range from the last ten years’, I really meant it). It’s all danceable, and great to get you pumped up for a big night, but if you’re one of those “I don’t listen to mainstream” types of people then search elsewhere.

As for the decor, Star Bar is standard yet interesting at the same time. While it’s no Ivy Bar or The Establishment, Star Bar maintains a great open space with just the right amount of lights to create a party atmosphere. And the people that go there? Let’s say there’s a different mix of people, from businessmen who have finished work to uni students getting drunk or even sleazy men (but that happens everywhere).

So for a great place for a meal or some drinks, go to Star Bar and you’ll love it. And if you see a large group of loud people, say hi…It might just be me.

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A 3rd Look @ Star Bar

Review By Benny Lee

Pre-drinks are a necessity for Sydney revellers as drinks at most bars are quite pricey. Hence, very rarely would one go to a single venue for dinner, drinks and to party into the early hours of the morning. However, if there was a place that could cater all that it would have my patronage. Star Bar just happens to be one of these places.

Personally, as a university student the allure of cheap meals and drinks is too much to pass up. Perhaps that’s why Star Bar is conveniently located on George St. (just opposite the cinemas) where most students pass through on their daily commute. The food here is genuinely good and with steaks starting from $6.95 as well as $3.90 schooners and house spirits (between 5-11pm) Star Bar is great for dinner and drinks after uni/work. The timing of the happy hour means that if you need to catch public transport home you can stop by for dinner and a drink (or more) to skip peak hour.

Star Bar has three levels and boasts a private cinema so when I say the venue is huge I mean it. Even though the venue is huge the layout makes it easy to navigate unlike other larger bars. Once you walk in you’ll immediately see the main bar, pool tables, seating as well as a designated smoking area. There’s no reason you’ll stray from this level but if you’re searching for a meal you’ll need to head upstairs. The staircase is impossible to miss and once you’re upstairs you’ll be rewarded by access to two more bars. The decor up here is different to the other levels.

Where the other levels are just what you’d expect to see in a bar the top level bears remnants of the Planet Hollywood era; most noticeably is a life-sized replica of the Terminator. Personally I spend most of my time at Star Bar on the top floor especially since after 10pm on a weekend the music gets pumping.

The music is quite loud, but not excessive and is definitely suited towards mainstream tastes; you won’t find house anthems or electro here. If you find that it’s getting too loud and you can’t hear what your significant other (or the hottie that you just picked up) is saying, head downstairs to the basement where you’ll find more pool tables, comfortable seating and a more chilled atmosphere. There’s definitely a mixed crowd that comes here from all over Sydney on any given weekend with a largely varying demographic so chances are you’ll meet some new friends. Depending on what time of night it is there could be a line but that’s usually a good sign.

With a closing time of 6am on Fridays and Saturdays there’s no excuse not to check it out. So whether you’re looking for a place to eat, drink or party Star Bar has you covered. Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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