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Squeeze Club

Cnr Finucane & McDonald Roads, Alexandra Hills, QLD
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The Biggest and Best Night Club in the Redlands,Open from 8pm – 3am every Friday and Saturday!!! The Alexandra Hills Hotel has great atmosphere, fantastic food, modern bars, a popular nightclub and relaxing outdoor areas and these are just some of the many benefits this fantastic venue has to offer.

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Squeeze Club Review

Review by Rosalie Grace

Living in the Redlands and tired of expensive cab rides to the city and the Valley, The Squeeze Club seemed like an attractive option for my Friday night outing. I had heard the horror stories and the infamous urban legends shared between Southsiders about The Alex but decided to bite the bullet and give it a go.

I am happy to report back that I did not experience anything sinister (well, aside from witnessing a fair share of bad outfit choices). On the contrary, I had a pretty good night.

On entry, not only were IDs checked but scanned and photos were taken of every patron. In fact, security was so thorough that my friend was asked for an additional form of ID, which the bouncer went on to explain was because her driver’s license was a duplicate (she lost the first one).

As we entered the second floor, we noticed that all of the boys were even searched with metal detectors and asked to empty their pockets. Whilst all of these safety precautions were a little confronting, we definitely felt in safe hands.

Cover charge for The Squeeze Club was $10, a reasonable price, especially when you factor in the isolated feeling of living out in the Redlands and the distance to other nightclubs of this size!

Drinks were around $7 for basic spirit mixes, again an acceptable amount to pay. There was a very good range of drinks on offer at the bar, including delicious cocktail slushies which I can definitely recommend.

In terms of décor, nothing was especially memorable, the club felt modern and purpose built. There was a massive, albeit sticky, dance floor and plenty of places to sit down, chill out and have a yarn. There were even a number of pole dancing poles on special platforms which I may have been game for, but not before several more drinks!

The crowd at The Squeeze Club was definitely a younger demographic, mostly aged between 18-25. However, you did get the occasional, out of place, middle-aged patron. I guess the nature of such a stand-alone club is that there are a lot of seasoned regulars. Everyone seemed to know each other, but meeting friendly locals as an Alex virgin was also very easy.

The night I went was a special dubstep night which, although many people seemed to enjoy, wasn’t to my taste and was overly loud. My friend and I came home with quite bad headaches. However, there was a strong party and dance atmosphere and I was assured the music was usually much better.

All in all, The Squeeze Club certainly exceeded my expectations for a local nightclub – I even met some people who had travelled from the Gold Coast to come along! If you can get past the rumours and the seedy connotations associated with its name, you will have a fun night at The Squeeze Club – and survive to tell the tale!

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A Second Review of The Alexandra Hill Hotel (Squeeze Club)

Review By Sharni Newbury

The Alexandra Hills Hotel goes by many names, I have heard of the Squeeze Club, The Alex and more notably The Pit. Over the past few months it has gained itself rather a reputation. People from all over Brisbane have heard of it and are always quick to judge even if they have never been. However I have lived around the corner from The Alex for quite sometime, and it was my first stop after turning 18 and I am yet to have any terrible experiences. Located in the smaller suburbs of Redlands, it can still attract a decent crowd on a Friday night. With my most recent trip there being no exception.

Recently The Alex had some incidents since which they have stepped up security measures. This was something I noticed straight away when walking in the door. Just to enter the downstairs bar (not even the nightclub) I was required to have my ID scanned and photo taken. It was still early at this stage and my first business of the night was a drink. So I headed downstairs to the bar, where they had a good quality live band playing. In the corner a number of pool tables are available, and a back room with pokies. It was your average pub, with drinks fairly cheap, spirits only $6.50 for the night. This downstairs area also transforms into a dining area by day, with a good pub menu available. The Alex is also part of the McGuire’s chain of pubs and nightclubs, so it’s fair to say that you will always be in good hands.

After a few drinks we were ready to hit the dance floor, so we headed upstairs to the renowned Squeeze Club. On our way up the boys in our group were stopped for another security check, however all went well and we paid our $10 entry fee. It was 11pm at this point and the place was very quiet, so I asked one of the bar attendants (who were all dressed as nurses to raise money for cancer) where everyone was. She assured me that the place got going around 11:30pm, and she was not lying. And as if right on the dot at 11:30pm the place was packed. The upstairs nightclub has 2 bars surrounding one large dance floor, so there was never a long wait for a drink. The DJ booth is located at the back of the dance floor out of the way, with a lot of couches and seats surrounding.

Overall it was a great night! With a combination of rnb and dance music, we ended up dancing our way to the closing time of 3am without even realizing it. I may be slightly biased when it comes to The Alex, I have had some great nights there over the years and being a local will always enjoy it. It may not be a high-end city nightclub but it has a certain charm. If I say anything to someone who has never been, just check it out for yourself before you criticize it.

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