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Spice Market Bar and Cocktail Lounge

Beaney Lane off Russell St (Grand Hyatt), Melbourne VIC
(03) 9660 3777

Relish the Middle Eastern and far Eastern experience at this opulent bar and cocktail lounge. Taking inspiration from the ancient spice route, the venue has been exsquisitly furnished to reflect this journey to Asia Minor through to the far East. Boys, make sure to dress to impress.

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Spice Market Cocktail Bar Review

Review By Suzan Mustafa

When walking through the laneways of Melbourne’s CBD you are exposed to graffiti covered walls, overflowing restaurant bins and cramped spaces. So when the Grand Hyatt Hotel closed its busy food court and transformed it into a lavish bar; No one could comprehend what Russell Street’s Beany Lane had in store for Melbourne party-goers.

Inspired by the Spice Route that streams through Asia to the Far East; Spice Market unveils an atmosphere that is filled with world-class Middle Eastern and Mediterranean antiques. Upon arrival, you are exposed to illuminating bird cages hanging from the ceiling and walls of Mediterranean tiling that house hallways of Buddha and Thai statues. So as you can see the themes have really been entwined here and would have any Sultan rubbing his magic lamp for an atmosphere like this one.

Rich in every detail – Spice Market also offers exquisite fine foods. Be sure to try the stone oven Turkish Pizza ($16.00) and Chicken Filled “Fatima’s Fingers” pastries ($12.50). With affordable prices – these delicacies will leave an everlasting taste of spice in your mouth that will have you coming back for seconds. The drinks list also offers something to spark up the Middle-Eastern taste. The Spice Market’s Signature cocktail – The Turkish Delight Martini ($16.50) that puts any sweet-cocktail to shame.

Spice Market also offers a number of private booths that usually cater for birthdays or work functions. Each booth’s decor is inspired by a different International city. If you are able to reserve a booking in the “Johnnie Walker Blue Lounge,” then you will definitely be exposed to the most exquisite foods and wine in a luscious atmosphere. The booths definitely have the staff working like “Slaves” for any Prince of Persia. And be sure to know that the staff will expose you to all the luxuries of the bar.

Hosting some of the best local and international DJs – Spice Market doesn’t disappoint when it comes to playing the hottest tunes in Melbourne. Ranging from the latest progressive house and commercial top 40 tracks – be ready to spice up the night by dancing in the most exotic atmosphere till early hours of the next morning.

Offering glamour and some of the most beautiful antiques you will ever see in any Melbourne Bar – Be sure to make your way down to this lavish laneway location to discover all the hidden treasures that Spice Market has to offer.

A 2nd Look Review Of The Spice Market

Review By Samantha Susa

It may be humbly tucked within an alleyway, but once you walk down the entrance of Spice Market, you’re instantly transported into an exotic new world…

The venue is sexily lit by many candles and beautifully decorated with antique pieces from all around the world, that it may seem like you’ve walked into an ancient palace.

The venue has vast amounts of space to either chill and relax or dance the night away. There are even private areas that can be hired out for special occasions that are even more lavishly decorated inside, made inviting with brightly colored jewelled pillows and various other decadent pieces of furniture. Your very own exclusive party can switch between the music that is playing with the rest of the venue or can easily be turned off with a flip of a switch to engage in som are e karaoke. Staff also dedicated to each particular area so you are truly treated like royalty as an array of delicious food and drinks are served throughout the night.

The venue and its atmosphere is truly unique and mystical and that is the magic that it brings when your night is spent there.

A 3rd Look @ The Spice Market

By Danielle Murnane

It has suddenly occurred to me that Melbourne’s most awesome bars are the ones that are hardest to find! Tucked away in Beaney Lane off Russel Street, Spice Market is no exception to my most recent discovery.

Never having been to the venue before, I was unaware of what to expect. The first thing that put a smile on my face was the no entry charge! Already pleased with my money save, I became even further pleased with what the inside of the venue had to offer.

Spice Market is a whole world of its own. No longer are you in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, but you are suddenly transported to an exotic place inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern heritage. The place is decked out in antiques required to fulfil the exotic ambiance of the bar. Even the employees are in costume, dressed in traditional Asian attire! When it comes to the interior design there is no detail that has not received excessive amounts of attention.

There is a vast amount of seating available focusing more on lounging opposed to dancing. This became clear with the not as generous sized dance floor. However, this did not stop everyone from letting loose and getting their grove on. To find any odd spot within the venue and start dancing appeared to be the thing to do. Later I came to the conclusion that perhaps Spice Market had a larger focus on dancing than I first thought. (Despite the large amount of seating!)

Spice Market gets pretty packed out. So if you don’t plan on spending half the night outside waiting in the line, then getting to the venue a little earlier than you might usually head out is advised. It is a sophisticated crowd, the majority hitting the mid to late 20 mark. (A very glamorous and well groomed crowd might I add!)

After my night at Spice Market I am positive I will be returning very soon. Great crowd, Great music, Great venue; Ticks all the right boxes! This hidden treasure is most definitely worth checking out.

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