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Soho Bar and Lounge

171 Victoria St, Potts Point, NSW
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Transformed into a two level super-club, SOHO offers some of the best local and international music acts in a truly unique nightclub setting where the philosophy is all about the music. The ground floor club level has been created to be a total sensory experience. Multi-faceted, three-dimension wall and ceiling surfaces reflect light, colour and movement, providing an exciting, surreal and all encompassing backdrop to the nightclub. The Lounge level on the first floor transports patrons to a playful, frivolous stage set, a wonderland where any character can come to life.

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Soho Bar and Lounge Review

Review by Maree Sorbello

Walking into Soho nightclub is almost like taking a step into the past with some of the most retro and quirky decor you’ve ever seen. And yet somehow it manages to be modern – modern crowd, modern music, and of course, modern drinks.There’s a mix of the ages here from people who have just turned eighteen up to 30 year olds, but don’t feel put off if you are reaching more mature years. If you can still handle the loud music and you don’t mind a dance, you’ll fit in just fine. And for those who get a little tired from all that dancing, there are plenty of seated areas as well, some of which are regularly hired out for birthdays and special events.

Like any good nightclub, Soho’s bottom level hosts a decent sized dance floor with the usual mainstream club tunes, to which you can dance any way you wish. On this level there are two bars, both with small areas to sit, as well as a room of pokies for those of you wishing to get lucky. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a full on night of dancing, drinking and more dancing.

Heading upstairs, you’ll find another bar and a dance floor, but this space is a little different. Up here, you won’t just hear your usual club beats, but rather, an RnB packed line up with all those songs that make you scream, “Oh my God, I haven’t heard this song for ages!” It’s hard not to get up and dance, and just as hard not to sing along. That’s right, there’s music you can actually sing to.

The city can often be a costly exercise, which will keep many a broke young party-goer at bay. Whilst Soho does have usual club prices – $8+ house spirits and $20 entry on Saturdays – if you’re lucky enough to find a promoter out on the Kings Cross streets – and this is quite often – you will be able to get in free if you’re a lucky lady or for five dollars cheaper if you happen to be a man.

Soho, however, is not just for Saturdays. Thursday nights are Ladies night with free champagne before 11pm and $10 buckets all night. And don’t worry: Fridays include all you men out there as well, with free entry, $5 drinks all night and dubstep upstairs from 11pm.

If you’re a bit worried about the standard of venues in the cross, you have nothing to worry about with Soho. Of course, it is not a place of pure class, and there are a few people around who do like to hit the drinks hard, but everyone’s out for a good time and the place is packed by 10 o’clock. If in doubt, the sheer amount of people that you’ll find at Soho any night of the weekend shows that there’s something worth checking out here.

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A 2nd Soho Bar and Lounge Review

Review by Nastasia Campanella

These days, Sydney clubs seem to be packed with teens. Everyone has their drunken day dancing around a sweaty club, but for those who are in their 20’s and 30’s, there is still a place for you. Soho is a spot with eclectic music and decor that you shouldn’t spew up on at the end of the night.

Housed in an art deco building on the busy strip of Victoria Street, right in the middle of the Cross, Soho is located in a perfect spot, in walking distance to the train station. This place was opened around the time of the areas revival. It was a time when trash either became treasure or it was chucked away with bad behaviour. Friends tell me it started out as a very druggy orientated joint. That certainly isn’t apparent to me when I head there. The place had a revamp in 2006 so I assume old habits were driven out the door with the pool tables and crummy furniture. Soho now stands brilliantly with dark tones of brown, red leather couches and polished floorboards. There is a smoke machine on the weekends and gold mirrors around the room.

This isn’t the place for food, but the drinks are worth giving a go. While on the expensive side of life [$20 for cocktails and $12 for beers], they are worth a shot. The lemon caprioska is refreshing and light. There is also something called a strawberry Japanese Slipper which is sweet and packed full of punch.

The older crowd seems to love the classic drinks here. They also seem to love the great mix of electronic, indie pop and dubstep popular here too. Really, there is no better place to get sweaty in the Cross!

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A 3rd Soho Bar and Lounge Review

Review by Maria Kitiona

If you’re looking for a spot that offers two separate levels of prestige clubbing atmosphere that is within stumbling distance from the train station and has décor that will be hard not to touch, then Soho is where you need to be on your next night excursion to Kings Cross.

Soho is ideal in terms of the demographic that attends the location and the diverse playlists that will get you up on those heels. You have your freshly made ID attendees, the pros of the nightlife and then those in-between. Soho easily attracts and welcomes everyone, and no ”type” of person will abnormally stick out or feel they’re the candy raver at the square dance.

On arrival you will be immersed in the first level bass. With a lit and attractive dance floor you’ll dance away to the freshest mainstream tunes. On a Friday night you’ll have house and electro mashups to keep you active with the occasional dubstep or trance beat. If you’re not as big a fan and only practiced the basic fist pump and your RnB swaying then you’ll want to head upstairs.

The second level offers your basic first level music with some RnB hooks and classic songs that’ll have you singing along. This dance floor is nicely air-conditioned, with easily accessible bathrooms and comfortable seating for the occasional pit stop.

For those that like to add liquor to their weekend outings you may hit the pocket a little at $8-$20 on average per beverage at the bars on both levels. With the possible addition of entry charge, you’ll need a bit of coinage for a night at Soho, however this isn’t different to other spots in Kings Cross. Soho will usually hold promotions like ladies nights and there is almost always a promoter handing out free entry bands, so just keep a lookout for the night that best attracts you.

If you’re a person that likes to stay out late, and can handle the hype of a good night out then put “FISTPUMP AT SOHO!” on your To-Do List.

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