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Silk Bar Nightclub

635 Hunter St
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Newcastle’s hottest new nightclub, located at 635 Corner of Hunter & Steel Street, Silk is the perfect venue to let your hair down after long and week. With our resident DJs playing the hottest tracks in our dual rooms, Silk will make you “Dance Like u Have never Danced before”.

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Silk Bar Nightclub Review

Review by Lucy O’Brien

Although Silk Bar Nightclub is not one of Newcastle’s more popular venues, its ideal location in the CBD makes it an easy place to stop into when bar-hopping, or even just as a starting place to enjoy and take advantage of the cheap drinks.

Located right on the corner of Hunter Street, Silk Bar is in the middle of the nightclub scene in Newcastle. Fortunately, there is almost never a long line waiting to go inside Silk, which makes it even more inviting. And if you’re still a little wary to go here, it has no entrance fee unlike some of the bigger bars and clubs around Newcastle, so you can spend the money you’ve saved on more drinks!

As one of the smallest bars in Newcastle, it certainly makes great use of its space and perhaps this is the reason it is almost always quite filled with a young crowd who are keen to get among the drinking night scene.

The main entrance room holds the bar and DJ set up, and a dance floor in between that is appropriately crammed with guys and girls. If you enjoy mainstream music remixes, then this is the place for you. The DJs are generally local and provide enough beats and entertainment so that even if you aren’t there to dance you’ll feel in the mood to. With hardly any lighting and a grungy underground feel, Silk Bar is the place to let loose and be unafraid to dance with everybody else.

The bar staff are impressive and friendly, and quick to provide for you. You have to hand it to them for their excellent bar service since the DJ is a mere five or so metres away and it’s often impossible to hold a coherent conversation over the loud sound, yet they are never frustrated or rude.

If you’re really not one for dancing, there is a room where the music still reaches but with some pool tables and lounges for your convenience. This is the larger area of the entire bar that is a bit quieter and has a more relaxed feel, compared to the dance floor room. Its cosier atmosphere makes it a good spot to take your drinks over into and chill out, whether you want to have a conversation with friends or even to enjoy the laser light show coming from the dance floor. Either way, it’s this environment that sets Silk Bar apart from nightclubs and what makes it an enjoyable and interesting place to be.

With the right attitude to enjoy a smaller bar, Silk is a great place to spend some of your night at. It wouldn’t be the place to spend your whole night at but it certainly does well for itself and is a pleasing place for most.

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