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Shooters Superclub

Shop 46 The Mark Orchid Avenue Surfers Paradise, QLD
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An awesome venue and premier destination for after dark partying. After undergoing massive renovations, the venue now has a sexy interior, matched by sexy furniture, quirky art, chic VIP lounges, epic sound and lighting, and a perfect mix of master DJs. Shooters Lounge Bar and Nightclub is the ultimate setting for your next occassion.

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Shooters Superclub Review

Review by Mija Kovacic

Shooters Superclub didn’t get its name for nothing. With four clubs rolled into one, this Gold Coast hotspot will have you and your friends covered, regardless of the mood you’re in.

Easy to spot with its booming music and an intense waiting line, Shooters has proven to be one of the favourites at Surfer’s Paradise. Despite the length of the line, the wait is surprisingly short. Get in before 10pm and entry is free; anytime after, it’s $15, but well worth it. Students of Griffith University are also lucky to score cheaper drinks and free entry so make sure to bring that ID.

First thing you’ll notice upon entering the club is the infectious music, flashing blue lights, and packed dancefloor; welcome to Club Shooters. This section of the club is filled with techno and dance remixes of your favourite tracks, while decked out with lounge booths, bar stools and tables, and some of the finest DJs on offer. Feel free to dance until you can’t walk because the air conditioning ensures you won’t be swimming in your (and everyone else’s) sweat.

One of my favourite sections is RnB republic; the theme is red and gold, and the music is sure to get you thinking you’re the next video vixen. Two bars ensures that you won’t go thirsty and the comfortable lounges and seats are almost always available if those heels or gators become too much. Known to mix old and new school hip hop, Republic is perfect for anyone ready to get low. Advanced warning: it is almost certainly going to get insanely hot and sweaty in there.

Sometimes the heavy beats and sweaty bodies becomes too much. This is when you can make your way to Rendevous, which the club describes as ‘a breathtaking escape from the madness’. Sink into their lounge sofas while you sip on your drinks and chat amongst friends. Alternatively, the glittery dancefloor and decorative podiums and poles are just begging to be danced on. Did I mention the booths are ready with bottle service menus? Enjoy.Finally, Mybar is the decadent room playing smooth old school hip hop and Rnb. Located on the lower level of Shooters, Mybar is home to some of Gold Coast’s best party nights. If the music doesn’t impress you, the actual venue will, with look-but-don’t-touch decorations, Mybar will certainly provide an elegant twist to your standard night out.

Shooters Superclub has certainly covered all its bases; every room not only plays different music, but has complete different atmospheres, meaning you don’t have to club hop as your mood and energy levels change. You’ll find yourself surrounded by many different ages, and will almost always make new company because everyone seems to be there purely to enjoy themselves and dance the night away.

A Second Review of Shooters Superclub

Review By Clare Todhunter

If you’re anything like me, your idea of a perfect night out involves busting out on the dance floor to the latest dance and techno hits. Or perhaps you like to break it down to hip-hop and R&B;? Maybe a chilled out lounge bar is more your style? Perhaps dub-step or old school hip-hop?What if there was a club that could do it all? Believe it or not, there is such place.

Having come a long way since it was once known as Shooters Saloon Bar, one of Surfers Paradise’s longest running nightclubs has been newly revamped and transformed into Shooters Superclub. Though the entrance fee of $15 may seem a bit dear, I find that it’s worth it and it always turns into a big night. Made up of four rooms, Shooters Superclub provides for a plethora of music preferences.

My personal favourite room is Club Shooters, where I boogie down to techno dance music and fun remixes of the latest top 40 hits. Club Shooters is stylish and decorated with funky wallpaper, but at the same time is fast-paced, due to the lighting effects and accelerated music genre.

Alternatively, R&B; Republic is right behind the crimson curtain, decorated with quirky modern artwork and cute lounges. Everybody on the dance floor is full of energy, and the girls fight for a spot on the podium next to the DJ to show off their dance moves. I will admit that I am often one of them! R&B; Republic leads to the outdoor area of Shooters, which provides couches, pool tables, and a smoking area. Down the stairs from Club Shooters is the basement bar, MyBar, which is only open on Friday and Saturday nights. MyBar isn’t quite my cup of tea, but it attracts quite a crowd. Famous for hosting the Gold Coast’s only dub-step night, ‘Dub Addiction,’ MyBar is otherwise known for its old school hip hop music.

When my feet get sore from dancing and its time for a quick rest, I head through the door to the classier part of Shooters; the Rendezvous lounge. The only flaw of Rendezvous is its small size and lack of seating, though if you’re lucky enough to get a seat you are able to relax at a comfortable, stylish booth.

Because Shooters Superclub is so diverse, all kinds of people attend. Most are aged between 18 and 25, although MyBar attracts a slightly older crowd.

With a total of five bars in the whole establishment, the usual spirits and wines are available at the regular prices. To my disappointment, not many cocktails are available, but mixed drinks and beers are available by the bottle. While drinks aren’t priced too high, I might add that the beverages often contain more ice cubes than the drink itself. Luckily for me, all girls get free drinks and a discounted entrance fee as part of Ladies Night, which is every Thursday night. Ladies Night also includes a male stripper and gorgeous topless male waiters!

When I head to Shooters for a night out, I don’t end up heading home until the sun begins to rise. Its variety in music and atmosphere makes a night at

Shooters an experience for all. There are four rooms to choose from, so where will you be?

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