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Fitzroy, Melbourne

Sentido Funf

243 – 245 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, NSW
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Situated in down town Fitzroy, Sentido Funf is a sexy little Garden Lounge Bar with a big secret. Through the shiny red door you’ll find a plush, cosy bar with sparkling bottles, and a menu to suit the cocktail lover, beer drinker and wine connoisseur alike, accompanied by a laid back, comfortable dining room. There’s also a food menu to delight your taste buds… Delve a little further through the mysterious black door, down the narrow corridor where gnomes and toadstools dominate the scenery, and you’ll discover a hidden oasis – a garden playground for adults. A beautiful tropical garden with palms and ferns swaying, and where vines and leaves twist to the rhythm. In the midst of all that, the

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Sentido Funf Review

Review By Jackie Leckie

This cutesy little bar will entice all of your senses – and yes, this is exactly what Sentido Funf means: “Five Senses”. If you’re like me and you like going to places that are like no other, see if this place tempts your desires.

Located in quirky, downtown Fitzroy, Sentido Funf is a bar in a league of its own. This unique bar has a very imaginative theme, which will make you feel a rush of excitement and will truly intrigue you.

Inside, this bar is very cheerful: the walls are splashed with colour, some of them lined with wallpaper and patterned, retro carpet throughout. Relax on the cosy couches and admire the view or join the chirpy crowd on the sexy dance floor. Want to see something different? Go into the Green Room – it has a massive tree towering though the glass roof. Remarkable!

Leading you to a hidden oasis is a corridor of gnomes and toadstools, which give this dreamy place an enchanted feel. It may even take you back to your imaginative childhood. This garden is full of luscious tropical plants and tall palm trees. This keeps this area hidden and private so you can focus on the dreamlike surroundings.

Hungry? Sentido Funf has a dining room, where you can order some mouth-watering food. You are bound to find something on this menu to quench your moaning tummy. The menu, mostly homemade has snack foods to share as well as big, filling mains.

And the most important part: the beverages. Sip on a wine from the gigantic range available. Enjoy a rich red or a cool sparkling which would go well on a girl’s day out in the warm sun. For the boys, a beer of course and what goes well with a beer? Footy! The Sentido Funf is the perfect place to have a drink and watch your favourite sport. And who doesn’t like a cocktail to start their night. The choice is huge and they will make your mouth water with the explosions of different flavours.

If you want a night full of magic and bliss, venture down to Sentido Funf to indulge your senses. They are just craving some love and a new adventure.

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