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Royal Exchange (The RE)

10 High St, Toowong, QLD
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The R.E. is Queensland’s favourite student destination. Renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, great cold beer, live entertainment and massive beer garden; the R.E. has been a Brisbane institution since 1876 and is one of the last truly iconic ‘pubs’ remaining today. Despite all of the changes over its lifetime, the Royal Exchange Hotel still retains its unpretentious atmosphere and charm, which is why generations of students and locals still say

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The Royal Exchange Review

Review by Rosalie Grace

There is much debate amongst the student population as to whether it should be pronounced “The R.E.” or “The Ree”, but The Royal Exchange Hotel is never addressed by its full name. I guess it’s this laidback attitude that makes it such a popular hub for student nightlife. I am yet to meet anyone under twenty-five who does not have a soft spot for this sticky-floored wonderland.

During the day, the R.E. offers affordable steaks and pub meals, and around late afternoon it becomes a hot spot for tradesmen and professionals clocking off work. Although open seven days, Wednesday and Sunday nights are when the nightlife side of this versatile bar really goes off. Students arrive from about eight o’clock onwards and by half past nine the line outside often snakes around the corner of the road!

The décor is very laid-back, as structurally the bar is very practical and purpose built. The R.E. has an excellent outdoor area which accommodates the bulk of patrons, with a beer garden holding ample seating and sporting games on big screen TVs. There is also a large outdoor dance floor and stage, well equipped for live bands, and is the place to be after downing a few of their famous $3 basics.

Upstairs is the karaoke bar-which becomes dangerously more appealing with greater levels of intoxication! On this level are pool tables, two more bars and another dance floor with a DJ spinning classic pub anthems and the latest Top 40 hits.

The crowd at the R.E. is actually very different depending on which night you go. Of course, Wednesday and Sunday are very student oriented, but other nights tend to be more of a mix, attracting much older crowds. There is no dress code at the R.E. so patrons are laid-back and are looking to unwind after a day at work or uni.

Brisbane uni students often joke around about “meeting their soul mate at the R.E.”, but this bar is actually a really fun and easy way to meet people – whether destiny is involved or not! This is thanks to its friendly and relaxed vibe, which encourages people to let loose and just have a good time.

Another great part about a night out at the R.E. is that entry is always free and drink prices are very competitive. Different nights offer varying prices and special deals, although the very most you can expect to pay for basic spirit mixes is $5.

Whether you are searching for your prince charming or just wanting to enjoy some live music, cheap drinks and great company, the R.E. always promises a fun (and budget friendly) night out. If you don’t mind bad karaoke renditions of Celine Dion and the often questionable state of the toilets, “The Ree” is a must visit in Brisbane nightlife.

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A Second Review of The Royal Exchange

Review By Catherine Torbey

The Royal Exchange Hotel, or more commonly known as The R.E. to its regulars, is one of Brisbane.s most popular student destinations. With its laidback and casual atmosphere, it is the perfect location to relax and drink the night away with mates.

Located in Toowong, The R.E. is a quick drive from the Brisbane CBD, with public transport easily accessible to and from. The modest architecture and design promotes a sense of coolness, inviting absolutely everyone to enjoy in the laidback atmosphere. Open all day, every day, the R.E. is the perfect place to have some afternoon drinks or let your hair down after a day of work or study. The R.E. includes two bars: the Beer Garden and Sports Bar on the bottom level, as well as a gaming room, karaoke room and bar upstairs. There is no better place to watch this week’s game on the big screen whilst enjoying a chilled beverage! The R.E. also includes a bistro, open for lunch and dinner each day, and therefore is able to attend to your every whim -food, drink and entertainment. To top it off, functions are also able to be easily booked in the venue, for anyone wanting to organise a party in a completely relaxed and fun location.

One of the biggest attractions to The R.E. is the student night on Wednesdays, with drinks as cheap as $3. Live music is played, as well as some classics and the current hits. It is flocked to by Brisbane students, looking to have a casual and fun night out! The R.E. has no dress code or cover charge, allowing student’s on a budget to have a good time without the worries often presented by other clubs in Brisbane. Wednesday nights at The R.E. offer students and workers a much needed break, before trudging through the final days of the week. Other main events offered here include the annual Toga Party, Pyjama Party and Beach Party, as well as Tuesday night trivia.

Somewhere to drink, sing, dance and play, The Royal Exchange Hotel offers students in Brisbane the best place to be any night of the week! With its cool, calm and collected atmosphere, The R.E. exuberates a laid back feeling, which creates the perfect start to a perfect night!

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