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Roxy Bar

6 Waterfront Pl, Station Pier, Port Melbourne, VIC
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Roxy Bar is a recently introduced club previously called ‘The Penhaus’. With a relocation from Bourke St in Melbournes CBD to the oceanic surroundings of Station Pier, Port Melbourne it is stands as an exciting and progressing club providing a fresh and different clubbing experience. The Roxy Bar is catered towards all party goers who appreciate RNB, Old School and House. Roxy Bar is open every Saturday night from 10.00pm with a selection of the best DJ’s including established and CQ resident DJ Andrew Avi spinning the hottest tunes and guaranteeing clubbers a refreshing night of entertainment, dancing and party pleasure all while in the presence of captivating oceanic and water side views.

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What to Expect Saturdays @ The Roxy Bar

Review by Serene Kotob

Penthouse: an apartment or condominium which is a single dwelling that is one of the highest floors of an apartment building or condominium. Penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features.Want to experience a club that differentiates from its inferior counterparts? Proud to introduce you to Melbourne’s newest and sexiest Saturday night club, ‘The Penthaus’ or now known as Roxy Saturdays…Your Saturday nights will never be the same again.

Originally situated in central Melbourne and nestled away on Bourke street, The Penthaus with its increasing popularity and growing Saturday night choice for Melbourne’s clubbers, has relocated to the familiar and renowned location once occupied by ‘Ocean Blue’ at the Station Pier, Port Melbourne.

Unique in its music, style, culture, crowd and architectural design and decor, Roxy Saturdays is undoubtedly not your average A-typical night club. Those with an insatiable taste for variety, luxury and exclusivity will appreciate Roxy and the entertaining nights set to ignite their souls and release their bodily tensions!

Envisage a classy, beautifully designed venue with uniquely designed architecture combined with elegant furniture and decor. Now picture a compilation of beautiful and dazzling companions occupying such a venue. That is Roxy for you.With renowned and resident DJ Andrew Avi pumping up the tunes, one cannot doubt they’re in for a damn good time and one hell of a night. Also known as Avilicious, he has been said to be one of the most versatile DJS around, mixing anything from RnB to house and creating a name for himself after 4 years as CQ’s resident DJ on Friday nights. Rocking alongside Avi lies a tempting serving of the hottest DJs including Enrique, Queen B and Craig G all on board mixing the best of RnB, Old School and House set to satisfy some strong party appetites!

With an exciting relocation to Port Melbourne, Roxy Saturdays (formerly known as The Penhaus), lies in the heart of Port Melbourne’s beautiful waters , offering spectacular ocean views while too surrounded by classy high end restaurants and a car park valley.

When partying at the Roxy, dress as though you were partying and chilling in a penthouse in LA : flirty, licentious and alluring while simultaneously feeling comfortable, liberating and unique in your individual styles and desirable projected image.

If you’re tired of your usual Saturday hang out vicinity or party destination then consider the Roxy Saturdays as your newest party hot spot . It’s guaranteed to please, excite and arouse your senses, taking your mind and body to a whole new zealous world of wonder and mystery. Want to be part of something different? Something fresh? Something new and exciting? Then plan your next Saturday night at the Penthaus (now known as Roxy Saturdays).

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