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Rocket Bar

142 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA
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Live music at it’s best… Enough Said!

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Review of Rocket Bar

Review By Shannan Kilgariff

As you walk up the flight of stairs, it’s a little hard to know what to expect. You enter the room and your eyes widen as you take in the awesome surroundings: fairy lights litter the ceiling and the music fills your ears. If you’re up for a big night, then you have come to the right place!Rocket Bar is one of Adelaide’s top destinations with its busiest nights being Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I strongly suggest checking out Rocket on a Thursday night. Every Thursday is a themed party where the staff dress up and make the place just that little bit more different. One of the themes they have had is a Mad Hatter party, where by the end of the night you find yourself with a strange random hat on your head. Although there are often less people there on a Friday, if you enjoy live entertainment it’s the place to be.

There are many drink specials at Rocket Bar such as $4 champ and pints, $6 vodkas and even an iced tea shot which even comes in a tea pot! With two bars you usually won’t have to wait too long to get a drink.

Rocket Bar is situated on Hindley Street in the city and usually attracts a younger crowd. It has a great atmosphere with a modern feel and lots of seating and decoration. The type of music can vary but it is mostly modern pop. There is a raging dance floor and fantastic, loud music. There are usually two dance floors, one on a stage above the DJ and one below the stage. If you love loud music and dancing then Rocket the place for you, although it is hard to have a conversation.

Rocket usually gets busy at around 11.30pm so if you come before this you shouldn’t have to line up for very long. Expect to pay an entry fee after 10pm. The fee can range between $5 and $20 depending on the time and the night. It is a good idea to arrive before 10 to get a stamp then leave and come back later.

If you love going to busy, vibrant clubs then Rocket Bar is perfect for you. You are guaranteed to have a great night dancing and drinking or even just sitting back and enjoying some live music. Make sure not to miss out on Rocket Bar when you next hit the town in Adelaide.

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