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Raffles Hotel

67-71 Canning Beach Rd, Perth, WA
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Raffles Hotel Lounge Bar has entertainment to suit every mood and aims to provide a unique experience for every visit. Wednesday evenings feature our house DJ coupled with half price gourmet pizzas and has quickly become

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Raffles Hotel Review

By Katherine Loughnan

From the moment you walk into the Raffles Hotel, it’s obvious this place has been around for a while. The popular Applecross hotel certainly draws all the locals, young and old. Listed on the West Australian Register of Heritage Places, it has entertained generations.

The Raffles know how to attract a crowd especially on a Wednesday night when gourmet pizzas are half price and they’re topped with a good house DJ. Friday nights are known for after work drinks at the Raffles. It’s just like going to work on a Monday; everyone goes to the Raffles on a Friday.

The hotel has a great set up. Seeing photos of what the hotel use to look like in the early 1900’s, it’s great to see elements of the old mixed in with the new. The renovations have done this hotel justice by keeping the same look but modernising it with bright lights, new furniture and fresh paint. The big outdoor area attracts majority of people to mingle outside with a drink. Even on a chilly night, the warm heaters encourage many to enjoy the river views. It has plenty of tables and chairs to accommodate for large crowds. Inside, there are high bars and stools surrounding the bar. There are also many couches around low tables to relax on.

Being such a local’s bar, the crowd has a big age bracket. Young twenty-year-olds up until retirees go to the Raffles. This may sound awkward, but it actually isn’t. Being such a historic place, the large and varied crowd is part of the hotel’s culture. It actually ends up being a great night when you meet people ten, twenty, thirty years older than you…and don’t get me wrong, a lot of young people go here too!

What impressed me the most about the Raffles were their wine list and the seafood. There are more than 300 wines, both classic and new to choose from. Standard drinks of wine and champagne range from $8 to $18. If you’re not a wine drinker, don’t stress because there are plenty of premium importe and locally bottled beers plus 14 beers on tap. beer prices range from $5 to $14. for $8 i got my personal favourite which is lemon lime bitters and a shot or absolut vodka. there is also gin, tequila, rum, whisky; the list goes on! In terms of seafood, definitely go the lemon and sesame squid! It’s under $10 and worth every cent! Otherwise, there’s always the daily catch on offer. The majority of main meals range from $18 to $30.

The Raffles also has great tapas on offer. They are reasonably priced from around $8 to $25. They are excellent for sharing around a group and the service is excellent. It’s always so crowded but the food always seems to come out quick. The staff are very friendly and compliment the great atmosphere.

If you’re in the mood to sit down for a fancy meal, many people head upstairs to the Deco restaurant. This fancy restaurant is open Sunday to Friday, 12pm until late. On Saturdays, it’s open from 6pm until late. Going on what I’ve heard, I recommend making a booking and dressing smart for this restaurant.

The Raffles is open every day from 10am until late on weekdays and 8am until late on Saturday and Sunday. Being one of West Australia’s historic places, I think it’s a must go to. Once you’re there, you’ll end up staying the whole night.

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