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Prince of Wales Bandroom

29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, VIC
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The cornerstone of St. Kilda’s musical pleasures resides within The Prince of Wales Bandroom, near the corner of Fitzroy and Acland Streets. The Prince Bandroom has been a host to live music for more than 6 decades. Many of the best local and international bands and DJs play The Prince Bandroom when in Melbourne. A staple of the Melbourne live music scene for the last 100 years, this institution of Melbourne is the place to go to let your hair down and just have fun…!

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The Prince of Wales Bandroom Review

Review By Melissa Zheliba

Judge this book by its cover and heed the connotation instilled by the name. The Prince of Wales nightclub is all you would expect a member of royalty to be; majestic, hospitable, expensive and by all means charming.Embrace the open arms on a Saturday night when Prince hosts Superdisco, let your hair down with the monarchs and who knows? You may be experiencing the same fairytale of your innocent childhood. Except this ones got bouncers and disco beats.

Superdisco Saturdays is a place that you will love, and it loves you. And you will love it for loving you. I’ve taken the pumpkin carriage to Fitzroy St on many an occasion and I can promise this fairytale romance can be kindled in the hearts of all that pass through the doors. Brave the $20 cover charge, ($15 if you flash your student I.D. See, they are understanding and charitable of the poor) and along with the last of the teens, the lost boys of 30 and the somewhere in betweens, enter a land of smoke and mirrors. Besides the spacious dance floor, there are two other rooms of wonder, the red and the green. However, unless you are well acquainted with the venue, these two destinations may remain uncharted by yourself as they are hidden away. Not to mention the mesmerising, although distracting euphoria experienced on the dance floor.

Superdisco has withstood not only the tests of time, but also sobriety.Entering as the designated driver and still being swept away by the magic has proven Prince as ultimately unbelievable. Never have I ever waited in a devastating line for the toilet, the bouncers are always nice and the music never disappoints. If a local, you are bound to see someone you know, and if a tourist, Prince will provide you with the purest of Melbourne party experiences. You may read about it in storybooks, but you cant take what Prince gives you back home as souvenirs.

Like any proper fairytale, Prince does have its share of villainous aspects. Pricing of poison leans more toward that which can only be afforded by royalty (drinks start at $6 for wet pussy shots), however you can sip the house specialty ‘catnip’ for around $9. If you are a smoker, you are required to exercise the virtue of patience to get to the smokers area. Don’t despair, if in distress you can always retreat downstairs to reality and take advantage of the luxury of pass outs.

Superdisco’s coat of arms, the cat, is notorious among the patrons of Melbourne’s club scene. Interpret this image as an omen; follow the lineage of royalty, take the high road to Superdisco to experience your inauguration into St Kilda’s aristocracy and you will find yourself lapping it up.

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