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Fitzroy, Melbourne

Polly Cocktail Bar

401 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC
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Polly has one of the most extensive cocktail, wine, beer and liqueur menus around and oozes sophistication due to it’s plush red decor. Plenty of couches on hand to sink into and relax with you cigar and cognac. Subtle lounge music means you aren’t straining to hear conversation and also some very tasty food on offer. Planning a special get together? Polly can help. Whether it be a wedding or just a small group of friends looking for that memorable night out, or anything in between, contact the friendly staff at Polly.

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Polly Bar Review

Review by Julia Gailey

As soon as you enter Polly Bar you cannot avoid being blown away by the decor, it is not uncommon to hear arguments over its influences.

“It’s Baroque.”

“No it’s 1920’s.”

“Actually I think it’s an infusion…”

With its maroon walls, gold framed paintings of soft naked women and throne like chairs; one thing is certain, Polly’s interior creates the perfect atmosphere for escapism, whatever its inspiration may be.

A reputation left by previous owners, and perhaps the affluent decor often causes the misconception that Polly is overpriced. However, the drink prices are quite standard, ranging from $4.00 pots – $18.00 cocktails.

Polly’s main attraction is the cocktails! With an extensive menu, you can be daring and try a in house creation like the ‘Booty Call’ , you never know I’ve heard whispers that the cocktails are magically infused, and aptly named to foretell the outcome of your night. If the ‘Booty Call’ or ‘Slow but Sure’ of Polly sound too risqué, you could always re-visit an old favourite like the ‘Espresso Martini’.

Polly also offers an array of $7.00 pizzas and other advertisers perfect for sharing. However, the kitchen does shut at 11pm so make sure you factor this into your eating regime.

The age group that visits Polly is quite varied; the crowd tends to be predominately within the 25-35 age range. Nevertheless all ages could feel quite at home here, especially on week nights. During the week Polly is the perfect place to bring a date, the furnishings are sure to impress, and the close pushed thrones make for a cosy hide away. You could pretend to be Satine, martini glass in hand, reclining in the Moulin Rouge and staring into the eyes of your penniless writer Christian. However, Polly is a place for singles too, so please remember to come up for air during those intimate make out sessions.

The best advice I can give you when planning a trip to Polly, is NOT to go on Saturday night, because moving becomes virtually impossible. The gilded thrones are no longer an attraction but a serious threat to your hips, as you attempt to make it to the bathroom. To really appreciate all that Polly has to offer book a table in advance for a week night, invite a friend or a lover, and sample the succulent cocktail list at your leisure. If you like the taste of aniseed, I would suggest trying an absinthe on your next visit to Polly. Polly has reverted back to original Czech and French service methods, dissolving the sugar with water from a traditional absinthe fountain. You may not see a green fairy, because absinthe having hallucinogenic properties is unfortunately a myth. However, you can taste all the flavours available in this famed drink, sit back in the deep maroon lounge and imagine you are with Van-Gough or Lautrec in Montmartre being outrageously bohemian.

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