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Platinum Nightclub

19 Victoria Ave, Broadbeach Mall, Broadbeach, QLD
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Holds the title of PARTY CENTRAL, on the beautiful Broadbeach, Gold Coast. Hosted some of the Gold Coast’s most anticipated events such as the Summafieldayze and Big Day Out official after parties, and plays exclusive monthly host for one of this nation’s biggest club events: OneLove. As well as a partnership with the world’s leading name in music and parties, Ministry of Sound, there is always an event happening at Platinum that’s not to be missed.

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Platinum Nightclub Review

Review By Katrina Filewood

Platinum nightclub has a reputation of being one of the biggest and best dance clubs in Broadbeach, but only half of that is true. While it may be the best dance club, it is no longer the biggest with EAST taking over with the biggest size. If you come to Platinum on a Friday or Saturday night with a big night in mind then you will not be disappointed because Platinum is the place to go for heavy electro tunes and serious party goers.

There is a BUT to this story though, and the BUT is that while Platinum is a great club, it comes with a cover-charge that stings at $20 a head and you can expect to wait 20 to 30 minutes in line if you arrive anytime after 11pm.Drinks will also hit your wallet harder than other clubs with standard spirits at around $12.

If you don’t mind paying the extra dollars then once you get inside and walk down the stairs into what first appears to be some strange sort of basement disco then you will find a crowded club with dance podiums, many private booths and lounges and – if you’re lucky – even girls in cages. The decor is not what I would call decorative or unique; it has leather couches and podiums, of course, but this is about as far as the decoration goes for this club. However, it was recently renovated so everything is fresh and clean. The crowd ranges from 18 year olds to 30 year olds so there really is a bit of everything at Platinum. The Stafford Brothers are resident DJ’s and if you’re lucky enough to hit Platinum on a night they are on then you may want to line up a little earlier.

I would recommend that you don’t come to Platinum for a catch up with friends because the only place you will be able to talk is the bathroom and even that gets pretty crowded. If you’re hoping for a catch-up followed by a big dance off with friends then the place to go for pre-Platinum drinks is a small lounge bar/restaurant just around the corner called lil’ Sister.

Come to Platinum for an 18th, 21st, 25th or any other night that you have cash to spend and enough energy to dance up a storm. If it’s a party you want, then Platinum will deliver.

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A Second Review of Platinum Nightclub

Review By Gemma McDonald

Upon entering Platinum Nightclub I was slapped with a ‘Fuck I love Platinum’ stamp, a $20 fee and a flashing foam stick; by this point I was seriously hoping their predictions were right.

From this night’s mixed experience, I realised that Platinum epitomises everything I have ever known about clubbing, both good and bad. Pumping music, sweaty dance floors, podiums, strobe lights and careless drunk people. If you can imagine considerably amplifying all of these nightclub fundamentals to a point that is almost overwhelming, you may be beginning to understand the intensity of this classic nightclubbing venue.

Platinum lies in the heart of Broadbeach and remains one of the Gold Coast’s most popular locations. Here, a Vodka Red Bull will set you back about $14 with their spirits going at a similar price (if you manage to find them), served to you by waitresses wearing bras and short-shorts. Surprisingly this dress code was actually quite appropriate when you considered the temperature and (lack of) ventilation.

I do warn that at Platinum, the sheer number of people poses an imminent threat to those who are no more than 5’ 2” off the ground and attempt to dance, as proven by my poor head that met with at least four fully-grown elbows. This brings me to the OH&S; issues:

1. Platinum, please note that having heavily intoxicated women and men jumping around on slippery, wet podiums a foot above crowds of similarly wasted people, will not end well. 2. The bar seemed to promote nothing other than the endless bottles of Vodka and Red Bull that were displayed. Despite there being many spirits other than this hidden away, few were ordered and when petite girls spend the night abusing the recommended intake of energy drink, it will not end well.

In saying this, I must give acknowledgement what I found to be the most impressive and breathtaking feature of the club- the womens bathroom. It was carpeted, clean and included a make-up room; and when I say make-up room, I am not referring to the dismal little corner you would usually find in a club’s bathroom, I am talking about an entire wall full of cosmetics, appliances, hair products and ecstatic women. Admittedly, this combination does little for the line-up.

In terms of music, everyone seemed to absolutely lose their shit as the resident DJ blasted heavy techno remixes, infused with classic ’90s dance intros. I found that even I, with only a vague and not necessarily positive acquaintance to the clubbing scene, enjoyed it.

Overall, if you love nightclubbing in all of its sweaty, deafening glory, you absolutely cannot go past Platinum as your next party setting. However, if you want to converse at some point during the night or perhaps leave the venue without a concussion, I suggest you pick another.

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