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Panthers World Of Entertainement (14 Bars)

Cnr Mulgoa and Jamison Rds, Penrith, NSW
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Penrith Panthers World of Entertainment has you covered for whatever activities you wish to partake in. Whether you want to eat, drink, stay or play, the newly renovated Penrith Panthers is Penrith’s hottest venue. With 4 of the coolest bars in Penrith to suit all members of your crew, live music and entertainment from both around Australia and abroad, as well as heart pumping, adrenaline packed activities at your fingertips.

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What to Expect @ Panthers World Of Entertainment

Review by Bryce Sullivan

The Penrith Panthers World of Entertainment could easily be called the heart of the western suburbs. With great bars, unlimited entertainment options as well as luxurious accommodation, what more could you ask for? Whilst it is a bit of a trek from the Sydney CBD, if you go the right night, it is definitely worth your while. With so much to do in Penrith, you could even make a day of it! Just be sure to have a designated driver to take you back home, or alternatively, spend a night in some of the Panthers magnificent 4 star accommodation.

While Panthers World of Entertainment is nothing short of a great experience, if you’re more into the clubbing scene then Panthers World of Entertainment may not quite live up to your expectations. It lacks the ‘club’ atmosphere, but that’s because it isn’t a nightclub! Instead you can undergo a pub-crawl with all your mates between the 4 different bars all in the one location – what tops this off? As Panthers isn’t a nightclub, it attracts visitors from all age groups so if you’re going out with the intention of picking up, Panthers may not be your best choice. With this in mind though, you can still have a great night out and If your staying the night, your accommodation is just a short lazy stroll back to your hotel room to sleep off the beers or wines you enjoyed while making the most of the ridiculously low prices.

If you’re looking to come out to Penrith with the crew then “Thank God It’s Friday” is definitely the day to experience all Penrith has to offer. On a Friday at the Panthers World of Entertainment, all you’ll have to fork out of your hard earned cash for a beer or wine is 3 bucks! Yes you read that correctly, all a beer or a glass of wine will set you back at the elegant ‘Terrace Bar’ on a ‘Thank God It’s Friday Happy Hour’ (runs from 5-7pm) is $3. With prices like these you can’t go wrong.

If the elegance of the Terrace Bar however isn’t your scene, Penrith Panthers World of Entertainment has you covered with 3 other bars to choose from. Each bar has a different decor and will ensure all of the members of your crew are catered for, with offerings for both the guys and the gals. The blokes will be at home in TC’s where you can kick back with a schooner and watch the footy, boxing or cricket on the big screen, while the ladies will love the elegance and simplicity of Dominique’s cocktail bar. Alternatively for all you cafe hounds, Kelly’s Bar will suffice all your cafe cravings whilst enabling you to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two.

Penrith Panthers World of Entertainment isn’t just limited to the bars however. Out here they really understand (and live by) the popular saying, “we work hard, we play hard”. Panthers offer an array of adrenaline packed activities, or for those with a more relaxed life style, they also have activities at a slower pace that will keep you smiling. For all you adrenaline junkies though, Panthers World of Entertainment offers Australia’s newest Cable Wakeboarding and Waterskiing Park, along with a white water rafting experience that will have you feeling like you’ve just conquered the Niagara Falls! If fast paced, adrenaline packed experiences don’t take your fancy though, Panthers World of Entertainment also boasts a 3 Par golf course, as well as Aqua golf and an arcade that will be sure to provide some fun times.

Overall the Penrith Panthers World of Entertainment really does live up to its name a ‘World of Entertainment’. If you’re coming from the city, I’d highly recommend making a day out of your time at Penrith by going out and enjoying what Penrith has to offer; otherwise it’s a bit of a trek, but well worth it. If you could combine your night at Panthers with some of the activities above, you’ll definitely be in for one epic day/night.

If you can’t make a Friday however, as let’s face it, some of us have jobs, other nights of interest include; Saturday and Sunday where some of the bars remain open a little longer.

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