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Orange Whip

115 – 119 Moorandah Hwy, Ringwood, VIC
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The all new Orange Whip is a nightclub like no other, located in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. Orange Whip is sure to get you partying thanks to its recent renovations offering state of the art light and sound, along with sparkling new decor and 2 giant levels; including a roof top smoking garden and 4 dance floors. With its two monumental nights; Noizy Neighbours Thursdays and No Pulp Saturdays, Orange Whip comes to you jam packed every week with the best line ups hosting a bunch of local, national and international DJs and bands.

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Orange Whip Review

Review By Morgen Newton

When intending to go to any suburban nightclub, you can generally expect the same thing. Sure, the postcode may be different, the club may claim to have better DJs, the interior may be a slightly different shade of silver, and the barman may be referred to as “Damo” instead of “Johno”, but beneath their claims of being unique, most suburban clubs are exactly the same. Orange Whip on the Ringwood club strip is no exception.

I must admit that when I was invited to go to Orange Whip’s Thursday Event known as “Noizy Neighbours” (presumably because the patrons love to get ‘noizy’), I was sceptical. Most of my ideas about Orange Whip were based on complaints about the club’s disgusting smell of dirty socks – a reputation it seemingly hasn’t managed to shake – and the never ending tales of pointless fights between macho hooligans seeking badass reputations. In that sense, Noizy Neighbours was pleasantly surprising.

My initial impressions of Orange Whip were quite good. There was no smell of dirty socks to be found, and the people (aged anywhere between 16 and 25) didn’t seem to be quite as Bogan or macho as I was expecting. However, that is where the good impressions ended; to be replaced with an overwhelming sense of mediocrity.

At the end of the day, Noizy Neighbours is exactly that; a place where people from Ringwood and its surrounds go to ‘get noizy’. The main aim of the venue seems to be to provide its patrons with average priced drinks and entry ($3 beers, $7 spirits and $12 entry) and average music (frankly it lacked any substance and consisted wholly of remixes one couldn’t help feel were poached directly off of the latest Ministry of Sound). It is therefore astounding that the venue was entirely packed out by 10pm.

Orange Whip has huge amounts of potential; with its recent renovations it now has 3 brand spanking new rooms including an upstairs smoking deck and a supersized main room, and it has a huge following of patrons who are basically willing to go to Noizy Neighbours regardless of how mediocre its offerings actually are. It is therefore disappointing that they haven’t opted to do anything with this potential. Instead of trying to branch away from the suburban club norm, they’ve basically spent a whole lot of money renewing the club, all to settle straight back into the its usual Thursday night – which isn’t short of competition with countless other clubs in the area having their biggest nights on a Thursday.

At the end of the day, Noizy Neighbours at Orange Whip – located at 115 – 119 Maroondah Hwy – Ringwood isn’t overwhelmingly bad, nor does it offer anything refreshingly new or different. If you’re looking for a busy suburban club with reasonable prices and endless remixes, Noizy Neighbours isn’t a bad place to start. However, if you’re looking for a club that is remarkable in any sense, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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A Second Review of Orange Whip

Review by Jodie Symonds

Upon entering nightclubs, we all have the generic expectations about the interior, drink prices and the crowds depending on the area. However, Orange Whip Nightclub located on the ‘Ringwood Strip’ approximately 24 km from Melbourne’s CBD offered a great night out.

“Ladies Night” was the event I attended on a Saturday night. Much to my amazement, all ladies received free entry and one free drink. Whilst the club was filled with mostly females (as you would expect at this particular event), the atmosphere was great. The people were also incredibly friendly and good fun to be around.

I had heard many different opinions on what the club was like. Many numerous and negative attributions about the cleanliness and bad music were expressed to me. This was far from my view upon attending.

It has recently been upgraded and has fully furnished all three rooms. The main room plays a wide range of remixed tracks from old music to current hits. Orange Whip, or “Whip”, also has an undercover outside smoking area upstairs beside another room, which plays more RnB music.

Whip claims to host both local and international DJs; however, of course some are better than others. My only criticism upon attending this nightclub numerous times is depending on the night you attend, they generally play a standard set of music with the same songs. But for the first time, the music was a great change from the general electric house music.

Both levels of the club were packed by 10:30pm. Surprisingly (hearing previously that only people aged under 20 attend), there were people ranging from the ages of 18-27. Many people from the Yarra Valley area attend Orange Whip as it, alongside Club Dakota in Ringwood, are the closest without travelling into the city.

This club wasn’t at all dirty in my opinion and the cleaners carried away empty bottles as soon as they touched the floor. Expecting the toilets to be dirty and sticky, they were the complete opposite, this was a nice change from other clubs.

Orange Whip Nightclub holds many events such as porno parties, onesie parties, king of the ring and more. This was interesting as it made the night unusual and more fun.

Whip also has a bar on each level of the club. They generally had reasonable prices for a club and the bartenders were definitely friendly. The prices for drinks were approximately $10-$12 for bottles and $8 for cruisers as well as $6 shots. However, the club often has specials according to the event that is being held.

This club has recently become more technologically advanced by the release of an application for mobile phones. The free app called “Orange Whip” offers a rewards system where the user checks in to which they accumulate points that they can then receive great discounts on drinks or even free entry. It is available for both iPhone and Android users.

Whip delivered a great night out despite hearing previous criticisms about the cleanliness and bad music. I wouldn’t recommend being a regular to this club as the music is generally the same sets. However, the atmosphere was exceptional and for a ‘once-off’ night out if you’re in the area Orange Whip Nightclub can definitely offer a big night.

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