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Ondergronds Bar

Basement Level, 27 Russell St, VIC
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Ondergronds for those unfamiliar is the Dutch word for underground, and for those who have had the privilege of heading to the country that the law forgot, will be well aware it is famous for its red light district and famed coffee shops. Ondergronds brings a little bit of Amsterdam down under, with a red light district room, coffee shop room and kinky blue room. With a range of dutch beers as well as extensive list of wines and spirits, Ondergronds provides a taste of Amsterdam and an amazing night out

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Review By Michelle Smart

Ondergronds may be pronounced “Undergrounds” but for some reason the only thing missing at Ondergronds is “U”. Dressed in smart casual you can make your way comfortably into this place to chill out but somehow you will manage to feel the sleek and sexy atmosphere of what is a luxurious place. The decorations are somewhat interesting as Ondergronds brings out the Amsterdam Theme Bar; you can comfortably sit down on amazing snug chairs right next to the Marijuana plants in the windows (fake, one would assume). The red lighting on Ondergronds is sure to put you in a cheeky party mood as it’s the best place to celebrate any birthday, bridal or bachelor bash. If you plan ahead, entry on the guest lists are free.

You may find yourself strung along with the decorations while you can cosy up into the couches overlooking a very small bar and dance floor. The bar is small but it’s fresh, mirroring a proficient and well stocked quality much like its staff. You won’t have to wait; Ondergronds’ staff is quick and competent serving in such a small area with such fineness your drink will be before you, without you even realising it. The drinks may be a touch on the expensive side but you will find at Ondergronds its all about quality. Ondergronds has great brands with the sexy label of an “Alcoholic treasure”.

While you’re searching out the X marks the spot alcohol on your drinking treasure map, the menus and drinks specials are listed in hot pink on mirrored walls. As well as your basic spirits and beers you will find a few rarities, Ondergronds a unique place to drink with specialties like the flaming B51 and sambuca shots, a rare licensed to light your drinks on fire literally. Shots are on average of about $9 and their selection of wines is well chosen and smooth on the pallet.

Once you have collected your drink you can watch people gather on the dance floor. The busy period hits much later here at about 11pm. The great thing is if you really don’t like the music you can head over to the DJ, lean in his ear and with a nod of his head you have a new RnB selection. On your way out say hi and bye to the Bouncers (hi AJ), they may look scary but they are friends in hiding. After a night out at Ongergronds you may just decide to head back. After all when you are there Ondergronds becomes just what “U” need.

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