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O Bar

Level 47, 264 George St, Sydney, NSW
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Quite simply one of the world’s best bars. Guests are treated to sweeping views of Sydney from the city’s north towards The Heads, to the coastal suburbs in the south and everywhere in between. If your looking for a night out that you’ll be talking about for a long time to come, then O Bar is the place to be. Onse of the newer venues to take on the hstling and bustling Sydney nightlife scene, this venue is without question making it’s way to the front of the line when it comes to offering an experience.

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What to Expect @ O Bar

Review by Elissa Taylor

Quite simply one of the world’s best bars. Guests are treated to sweeping views of Sydney from the city’s north towards The Heads, to the coastal suburbs in the south and everywhere in between.

The humming central bar on the upper level is the perfect spot to perch on a stool and watch the talented bar staff mix classic and contemporary cocktails. All drinks have a focus on fragrance & season, underpinned by premium top shelf & organic spirits that rival some of the best in New York or London.

On the revolving lower level, guests can recline in the deep, circular chairs or plush couches and feel the vibe as the city slowly passes by 47 floors below. For anyone fancying a bite to eat, the bar offers a tempting menu that features simple and popular dishes, from sliders, tacos, share plates and more. The menu makes an evening in O Bar an experience to beshared.

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A Second Review of O Bar

Review by Michael Vatalidis

I’ve been afraid of heights since I can remember, so discovering I was going to a bar 47 stories high and with a rotating floor, I didn’t think I would have anything close to the best experience.

For the terror stricken, O Bar is probably one of the most entertaining and luxurious places in the world to conquer your fear of heights. Even if you aren’t afraid, don’t worry because O Bar has so much more to offer, including a breathtaking view of Sydney.

After a longer than usual elevator ride to get to the 47th floor, you will be greeted by a polite and hospitable host who will take you to your seats which are suited according to your intentions for visiting the bar. Whether you’re there for a luxurious dinner or relaxed and delicious drinks, the O Bar offers comfortable seating accompanied by a beautiful view of Sydney. The magnificent drinks and view are matched by the excellent service at O Bar, something unprecedented for your basic night out in the city.

Just in case you’re like one of my friends who couldn’t figure out whether it was the floors or the walls that were moving, I will tell you now, it is the floor. The rotating floor is probably one of the best features, allowing you to experience the view of the entire city including the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

The décor truly captures an essence of simplicity and adds to the experience at O Bar. The room’s quiet ambiance allows for chatter over dinner and drinks with friends. The contrasting dark toned leather chairs and soft lighting serve to create this relaxed mood and adds to its great sophistication.

Whether you have always lived in Sydney or are a visitor from somewhere far away, the beauty of Sydney City is experienced in a unique way at O Bar. The food, desserts and drinks are delicious and with their reasonable prices, will leave you wanting to come back for more. Spirits are priced at around $12 and their creative range of cocktails start from as little as $15. Their desserts are a little small, but what it lacks in portion, it makes up for in its rich flavour, which will satisfy even the most critical taste buds.

The environment enforces a smart casual dress code. Whether you plan to go on and have a big night or just a few quiet drinks, the smart dress code allows flexibility in your plans for afterwards. Although the quiet music at O Bar can make the venue seem quite lethargic, its neighbouring clubs lined up and down George Street allow O Bar to be your perfect relaxation or pre drink spot with accessibility to a bigger night ahead in Sydney’s biggest venues.

O Bar has many unique and special features to offer everyone. I strongly suggest this be taken into consideration, so if you are looking for a quite place to have some dinner, food, dessert or drinks, a definite visit should be made.

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