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With a never ending list of events, this is without question one of the premiere destinations to party in Adelaide. To find out what’s happening, checkout the website as this venue continuously is updating its event list….

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Review of MyBar

Review By Megan Dempsey

I am guessing you have all heard of the Hilton Hotel, yes? That famous chain of hotels synonymous with scantily clad blonde bombshells with big bags and even bigger…… Well this isn’t that. I’m talking about the Hilton Hotel MyBar, although the latter does apply here also.

Situated just outside the city centre, MyBar is the perfect place to avoid the annoying city line ups where you stand outside so long you end up totally sober, shoeless and wearing your guy friends jacket (totally covering up hours of outfit coordination I might add) before you even get inside. And ladies and gents you won’t be rifling through your wallets before you even buy a drink because there is no cover charge!

What they do have though is something I notice even before I get inside. A giant neon blue cocktail tower is beckoning me like a gift from the gods on a massive billboard outside. Like a neon flash I find myself at the bar perusing the list of cocktail tower flavours. (For your information the neon blue cocktail tower advertised is the Blue Chill Tower with Alize and Blue Curacao) The lass behind the bar tells me that the towers are each about 12 standard drinks and cost $60. BARGAIN: My girlfriends and I decide to go thirds in a Sex on the Beach Cocktail Tower, which is apparently their most popular flavour. The mix of vodka, peach schnapps, Malibu and juice is obviously too good to avoid (so is sex on the beach, so I guess it’s true to its name). Inside info: if you register your birthday online you can nab a free cocktail tower for you and your besties. Other drink specials are pretty sweet too including; 2 for 1 vodkas from 9-11 and $2 French Pussy Shots through certain songs. Let’s just say it definitely feels like MyBar to everyone who steps inside.

But what really drives the people to visit MyBar is the music. RnB all the way, baby, featuring DJ Capital D every Friday night and Retro Saturdays with DJ V. Being there on a Friday I get to let loose with some hip shakin’ and bootie bangin’ all night long. Some more insider info: DJ’s generally give away free drink cards throughout the night for best dancer and that sort of thing, so get out there and aim to impress!

The other thing that puts MyBar in a league of its own is the amazing beer garden with huge lounging couches and big screen TV. It even boasts disco lighting so you always feel part of the party. Don’t worry, they’ve thought of everything. And with your cocktail tower in hand you can relax outside on a barmy eve without fear of having to hike up to the bar every other song. Inside info again: there is a capacity limit for the beer garden so it’s worth getting in there early to secure your little nest for the a night of good fun.

If anyone was wondering my girlfriends and I ended up downing 3 cocktail towers and getting pretty silly. So in the end I was $60 down and quite satisfied. It was my cheapest night in ages. It’s your bar, it’s our bar… but really it’s MyBar.

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