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For great live music, Musicland is the hotspot music venue north of Melbourne for live entertainment and private functions. No matter what genre you want to hear, we have it – classic covers, metal, rock, jazz, blues and swing. As long as there are bands with passion, there will be Melbournians cheering them on. Make the most of live Melbourne music – catch your favourite bands, musicians, acts, or an unsigned band before they hit the big time.

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What To Expect At Musicland

Written by Matt Wilson

Melbourne is known for its fantastic live music scene, and fortunately that isn’t limited to the city. Musicland is a really cool live music bar and recording studio for up-and-coming bands to showcase their talent and for suburban rock fans to dance the night away.

Musicland is located in the northern suburb of Fawkner amongst businesses like car dealerships and furniture stores. Although the location screams suburbia rather than rock n roll, that doesn’t mean the folks at Musicland don’t know how to party. This place is definitely more aimed at fans of old school rock the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Poison, INXS, Bon Jovi and other ‘80s rock bands, who also wear the band t-shirts to prove their love for the music. I came here to see Appetite For Destruction, a Guns N’ Roses cover band, so I proudly wore my Gunners t-shirt as I rocked out to classics like ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and ‘Live And Let Die’. Naturally, the cover bands playing these songs also dress like they’re straight out of the ‘80s too, which really gets everyone into the feel of things. Most of the patrons looked like they could have seen the real bands back in their heyday, but great music like this will bring in younger people like myself.

Not only is music played here, but the place itself is surrounded by all things musical. Being a recording studio, it’s no surprise that instruments and other musical items are sold at their store at the front during standard business hours. But at night time, patrons will see guitars hanging from the ceiling, band posters and memorabilia around the room, and vinyl along the wall on the way to the toilets. There is an upstairs balcony for people to get a higher view of the stage, so there’s plenty of room.

The venue comes with an outdoor smoking area that you will see as you enter the building, and bar full of cheap booze, such as $5 Carlton Draughts and $10 Jim Beam stubbies. The building is also right next door to a kebab stand, so you can very easily get a greasy late night snack too after the show. If you’re a fan of great old school rock and live in or near the northern suburbs, check this place out and you will see that Musicland is not just a cool name, it’s a promise.

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