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Mona Vale Hotel

Cnr Barrenjoey Road and Park Street, Monavale, NSW
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Whether you’re after a few quiet schooners after work, a big night out, a special bottle for a special occasion or an indulgent meal with the whole family, our friendly staff will be here to cater to your every need. So come on in, enjoy our site, but remember – nothing beats the real thing! Mona Vale Hotel really is the place to be.

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The Mona Vale Hotel Review

Review by Melissa Ford

The Mona Vale Hotel is one of the only decent places between Palm Beach and Manly you will come across for a good night out. It’s convenient location makes it reasonably easy to get to from all areas on the northern beaches (depending on how far you are willing travel) to go out.

The crowd is usually made up of 18-24 yr olds, on Thursday and Saturday nights. Fridays are considerably quiet and usually an older range of people making the most of the peace between the Hotel’s two busiest nights of the week. If you can drag yourself away from uni work or the TV on a Thursday night, the Mona Vale Hotel is worth a visit. Lately there have also been a few themed nights that catch the eye of the enthusiastic local young crowd, and of course those who view the photos the next morning on Facebook.

The staff are very attentive to how much alcohol you have been drinking, both prior to entering and whilst your inside. So my recommendations are that you don’t get too crazy or obviously drunk, or you will most definitely be kicked out…and trust me there is nowhere to go once your out there on your own! The drinks inside the Hotel are averagely priced, but get there before 10pm and they are a lot cheaper. The general favorite drink of the night would have to be the Mango Dyslexia – the perfect summer cocktail to have out in the beer garden.

With two dance floors to choose from, you will never have a dull moment in the Mona Vale Hotel. The sports bar offers a typical pub type atmosphere, with pool tables in the corner and a smoker’s courtyard. The bar facilities range from your typical spirits and beers, to shots and a cocktail bar outside in the beer garden entrance. The overall atmosphere of the place is quite modern but with the must have beachy touch that all northern beaches nightlife does acquire. Upstairs is a function room, which can be booked out for events, and often has bands playing which are worth going to see. Visit their website to view the upcoming events and artists playing.

Closing time is 3am on Thursdays and Saturdays so it’s a rush out the front to get the first taxis. If your very…very lucky you might come across the mystery courtesy bus that at the Hotel offers, but never seems to be there when you want it to. The L90 usually still runs early into Sunday morning; however, be prepared for an often lengthy wait at the bus stop. If all else fails (or if you just cant be bothered to wait) you could try the annoying drunken call to a sober and most likely asleep friend/parent to come pick you up. But this hardly ever works out well – if they even pick up the phone.

All in all, The Mona Vale Hotel caters for a great night out on the northern beaches. Pay them a visit and see for yourself!

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